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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan make identical shots in amazing video

The video featured above was posted on YouTube on Sunday and began making the rounds on the ‘net on Tuesday. The video, put together by YouTube user Mamba2012, is superbly done. It shows Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan matching each other with identical shots in an incredibly well edited compilation.

I gather that the video’s intent was to not only be cool, but to also show how similar the two legends are. That’s no surprise to anyone who’s paid attention to NBA conversations — Scottie Pippen said in January that Kobe molded his game after MJ — but it’s still incredible to see all the shots spliced together.

Even though Bryant has five titles and Jordan had six, I still believe MJ was superior. Kobe has done an amazing job trying to track down arguably the NBA’s best player ever, but he didn’t reach that impossibly high level. And it’s not like MJ would give Kobe an inch, either.

H/T Black Sports Online

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