Lakers fans sit in Maloofs’ seats at Sacramento Kings home game (Picture)

Maloofs Lakers fans seats

The Maloofs are the majority owners of the Sacramento Kings, so you would figure they would be supporting their team. Instead, they have tried to move the team out of Sacramento to make up for their financial empire crumbling in recent years, and now they’re allowing rival fans to sit in their courtside seats for a home game.

Aaron Bruski of NBC Sports/Rotoworld pointed out that there were Lakers fans sitting in the Maloofs’ courtside seats for the team’s game Saturday night at Sleep Train Arena. Bruski also noted that the Maloofs pulled the same stunt two years ago on a “Fan Appreciation Night.”

I don’t care who the fans are or how close they are to the Maloofs, that is just a horrible look for a team’s owners. The message to the team’s fans is that they are more concerned with selling tickets and making money than supporting their team, which is actually quite consistent with their actions in recent years.

UPDATE: A few minutes after Bruski and Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears tweeted about the Lakers fans in the Maloofs’ seats, someone, who looked like a team employee, came over to talk to the Lakers fans. Later in the first half the Lakers fans were replaced by two fans wearing Kings jerseys:

Kings fans Maloof seats

Photo credit: Twitter/Crown Downtown

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  • Leatherneck44

    This is yet another example of what careless, self-righteous owners the Maloofs have been. I am sure that the individuals were George Maloof lackeys! Although I am sure in the coming days there will be a press release from Maloof Sports and Entertainment PR Department that they were not associated with the Maloofs and were Laker fans who just happened to get past security and sat in their primarily past two year old vacant seats!

  • Cindy

    They were not the Maloof’s lackeys they had legit tickets and Kings wanted to move them because they had Laker attire on, they were relocated to the Lakers side right next to the players which were better seats for them anyway.They were relocated cause it looked bad they were wearing Laker attire. Kings gave all 4 Kings jersey’s signed and gave them 4 free tickets to next Sunday’s game free. You don’t just go giving ppl free stuf cause they were taking someone else’s seats you have to show a legit ticket to sit in those seats.

  • Leatherneck44

    That is my exact point, you can’t get down there without a ticket. Those seats have been with the Maloof Family since they got here! So unless they released them for general purpose they are friends of the Maloofs and it took till well into the game to move them! Happy to hear they got better seats AND free tickets to another game! Wow I quess I will get visitor jerseys for the Rockets and Mavs and get free to a for the remaining home games! Since our seats are in shot of TV cameras it may work! I am sorry don’t buy they were random fans. As the article stated this is not the first time!


    i was one of the four with the ticket. we had the actUal tickets and it was no big deal to me but it was a big deal to the staff of sleep train. The guy indeed did move us right next to the laker bench and we recieved free tickets in the front row for a game of our choice. I didnt know we were going to get all that publicity with those tickets. I wasn’t really upset by being relocated, however if i was wearing Kings stuff there would never been an issue. The security there was very unkind and was looking for every way to get rid of us but they couldn’t because we had legit actual tickets.
    out go LAKERS

  • Leatherneck44

    No offense but, if you are who you say you are (one of the four) so be it, although thanks to annonimity on the net, anyone can be anyone they want. How you acquired the tickets, which have been the Maloofs seats, since J-Will started shooting bombs in Arco, is none of mine or Anyone else’s business! However, given the circumstances of the Kings situation and the fact that this has happened before; coupled with the fact that the Maloofs have essentially stabbed every Kings fan in the back, still leaves me skeptical! Ask yourself this, what if someone in a Kings jersey sat in Nicholson’s seat at Staples or the late Jerry Buss would have had someone in a Bird jersey sitting in his seat during the Laker/Celtic games back in the day? That would never have happened though because Dr. Buss had too much class for that! The Maloofs on the other hand do not, at least not anymore!

  • http://www.gilt.com/invite/tman916 Thomas

    Nice try Maloofs’ PR director…