LeBron James called for controversial flagrant foul on Carlos Boozer (Video)

LeBron James was called for a flagrant foul Wednesday during the Miami Heat’s 101-97 streak-ending loss to the Chicago Bulls after putting a shoulder and elbow into Carlos Boozer, who was setting a screen on him late in the game.

James’ forceful shoulder into Boozer seemed to be retaliation for getting hit in the head on his team’s previous possession. He was called for a flagrant-1 foul, and Boozer made one of two free throws to put increase the Bulls’ lead to 92-85.

Miami scored on two straight possessions to cut the deficit to five, but an offensive rebound and putback by Carlos Boozer with 57 seconds left made it a three possession game again. Chicago held on for the 101-97 win to end Miami’s 27-game winning streak, which is the second-longest in NBA history.

After the game, James addressed his flagrant foul on Boozer, saying there were many more non-basketball fouls committed by the Bulls against him that were not called flagrants.

“First of all, Kirk Hinrich in the first quarter basically grabbed me with two hands and brought me to the ground. And the last one, Taj Gibson was able to collar me around the shoulder and bring me to the ground. Those are not basketball plays.”

Chicago may have won the game anyway, but they seemed to benefit from the officials on their side.

Video via Beyond the Buzzer

LeBron James Carlos Boozer

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  • tre

    chicago must pay ref’s very well; that or thibodeau is passing out handies

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.angela.94 Nick Angela

    James caught an F1 for that non-foul, but the refs allowed the Bulls to gang tackle him for four quarters? The fix was in. The NBA is rotten to the core.

  • jeff

    That is most definitely a flagrant foul, dumbass. LeBron saw Boozer setting the screen and tried to shove straight through him. You should read up on the rules of basketball before writing such a horrible article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.angela.94 Nick Angela

    When you use ad hominem attacks in lieu of logic, you reveal exactly who the dumb ass is.

  • andyk123

    If Boozer had set that pick in high school or in the NCAA, it would have been a foul on him for a moving screen.

  • http://twitter.com/GoofyBeats Adolfo Lazcano Jr.

    That was flagrant. Let’s not skip over the obvious here. Lebron cries a lot. Hinrich hugged him to stop him from jumping to dunk. Momentum took them to the ground. Gibson reached over his shoulder but hardly collared him. I don’t know why he even mentioned that one since after the play he slapped hands with Gibson. Refs watched replay and saw no flagrant. He saw Boozer setting up and he was upset because he saw the loss coming. Bulls smothered them on D. Heat couldn’t capitalize. Horrible shooting from Bosh sole reason they lost. Lebron just lost his temper and had an outburst. He’s still got some growing up to do. This is how these two teams play though. They go hard. Playoff game every time they meet.

  • hotsauce7j

    placing your clear bias for the heat aside, the “non basketball” fouls lebron is complaining about are both fouls committed on a regular basis.

    players wrap up other players going to the rim when attempting to prevent a shot after the foul, ALL THE TIME. what kirk did, is NOT something new. what made the play different and apparently “non basketball” is that kirk is so much smaller than james and james’ momentum too powerful, for kirk to try and keep him up. there is no way that kirk is taking lebron down even if he tried!! lebrons momentum coupled with kirks small size is what caused him to fall back and as a result james fall also. take down? absolutely NOT! if wrapping players up was a flagrant, then there would be flagrants called each and every game. please, use common sense.

    hit on the head? the replay CLEARLY shows that taj did NOT hit him on the head. he put his arm out and down and AGAIN, with lebron going up to the rim, taj’s arm was obviously going to come across lebrons chest, did it hit him near the head/neck? yeah a little. was it intentional, unnecessary or excessive? absolutely not.

    the heat are great at making shots after fouls and getting the and 1. the fact that part of the bulls’ game plan was to prevent them from even getting shots off was pure genius. not excessive, not unnecessary, not flagrant.

    as far as lebrons elbow on boozer, that was unnecessary. he clearly looks up, then shoulders up, and rams right into him followed by an extension of his elbow. the key here for a flagrant is unnecessary!!!

  • George Gray

    please…LeBron picked up the basketball, lowered his shoulder, and drove into Kirk Hinrick in the first quarter. Hinrich was called for the foul, and LeBron complained about Kirk fouling hard. I am sure the back of Hinrick’s head feels differently. I was watching little ticky tack fouls being called against the Bulls all night thinking the NBA was just trying to keep the streak alive. This one was as blatant as could be. T If you look at the stats, you will see that LeBron made it to the free throw line 11 times compared to the entire Bulls team only making it there 18 times (with at lease 6 of those coming at the end of the game on intentional fouls). If he wants to play basketball like a football player, then he needs to stop whining when he gets fouled hard. I am a LeBron fan, and lost a lot of respect for him last night after that punk move to Boozer.

  • George Gray

    LeBron ran right over Kirk with no intention of shooting the ball. If this were the NFL, and he were a running back this would have received a 15 yard penalty on Lebron for lowering his head.

  • Stew

    Refs never blow games and it never comes down to 1 or 2 bad calls. Players have turnovers, coaches call bad plays, etc. The heat got out rebounded really bad in that game too.

  • Stew

    i shouldn’t say the word “never”, it has probably happened before, but very rarely does the officiating and only the officiating lead to an outcome of a game.

  • Brenda Thompson

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  • Bustaloose

    Kirk TACKLED Lebron. Lebron was going to go by him and he literally tackled him. That is a football move. You should not be allowed to tackle some one in basketball.

  • Bustaloose

    The flagrant foul on Lebron was definitely NOT a Flagrant foul. I can see it be a regular foul but that was no way a flagrant foul . Boozer was setting a pick and Lebron intentional gave he a little more mustard but it was not a flagrant the one were Gibson grabs his shoulder and rakes Lebron face was more egregious.

  • Jones

    Which video have you been watching?
    Boozers feet are clearly set, way before lebron contacts him. Lebron sees Boozer coming up very early, and he knows then that hes gonna shoulder check him. Fighting over a screen, personal, checking a guy with the intent of sending a message, and not even trying to go over the screen, that’s a flagrant

  • Wiz123

    Non foul? Do you know what a flagrant foul is? Unnecessary or excessive contact. Quit being as salty as LeBron. If this was Boozer doing this to a Heat player I bet you wouldn’t be complaining that a flagrant was called on Boozer.

  • andyk123

    Boozer’s left foot is in the air when contact is made

  • George Gray

    If LeBron would have went by Kirk on the way to the basket, he would have been called for traveling since he had picked up his dribble before lowering his head. Watch the replay again and watch how LeBron has the ball tucked…he is not going after the basket…he is aiming for Kirk..

  • ali

    This is halarious! I didn’t know there was a whinning cheering team for lebron! Follow the leader? Hah! lebron does not play basketball by NBA rules he plays by his own miami Cheat rules! This guys out to lunch!!! along with wade, bosh, chalmers and the whole bunch of those whinnie Cheaters. The real fact of it all is, they can dish it out but they can’t handle it. The Cheat can’t stand the heat!! Miami Cheat, Cheat, Cheat!!! L.O.L. boo hoo! boo! hoo! This is nothing further than the truth and anyone that knows anything about basketball knows it, rather they want to admit it or not. It is what it is!