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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mark Cuban pays $40,000 to save St. Patrick’s Day parade so people could ‘kill as many brain cells’ celebrating as he has

Mark Cuban can be overbearing sometimes, like when he wanted to get the Mavericks championship bracelets instead of rings, or when he celebrated the Heat’s struggles. But Cuban can also be awesome, especially when he’s talking about partying.

The Cubes paid $40,000 to keep the annual Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade alive in Dallas (it would have been cancelled if they didn’t raise the funds). Cuban’s reasoning for the donation was outstanding.

“I just thought it was fair that more people should be able to kill as many brain cells on Greenville Avenue as I have in my life,’’ Cuban said. “I passed out in many of booths there.

“I said if I have lost enough brain cells there everybody will get that opportunity, too.’’

Cuban was quite the party animal during his younger, rugby-playing days, and he still goes out drinking at local bars in Bloomington when he’s nearby the Indiana campus. It’s a miracle he was able to put together a championship-winning team with the few brain cells he has left.

Or, as Cher told Travis Birkenstock, “I guess kitchenware?”

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