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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Nate Robinson’s Fan Club Interrupted the Doc Rivers Press Conference

The sad part about the media attention paid to the NBA Finals is that the door is opened for idiotic reporters to cover the event. As soon as the NBA opens things up, you get people who don’t follow basketball turning it into a sideshow. Take for instance the dumb-dumb who used his question at Doc Rivers’ postgame press conference to let the Boston coach know how much he was screwing up by playing Rajon Rondo over Nate Robinson. Check out this wizard’s argument:

Korea Repoter: “Rajon Rondo hasn’t played particularly well since the Cleveland series. Nate Robinson came in the game for you today and had four assists and no turnovers. Do you plan on using Nate Robinson any more in the series?”

Rivers: “Well, you must be in the Nate Robinson fan club, clearly. Nate has played well, but I think Rondo is pretty good. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to keep playing a lot.”

I honestly feel badly that Doc has to even bother with answering such crap. Maybe the NBA needs to enforce stricter credentials requirements so Doc’s time isn’t wasted like that. On my list of 10 things the Celtics need to do better in Game 2, playing Nate Robinson over Rajon Rondo is probably 80th. This guy must be hanging out with Magic Johnson in his spare time or something.

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