Poor Sport? LeBron Dodges Media After Game 6 Loss

It was only three weeks ago that I was praising LeBron James after he won the MVP award, saying that he handled his business in such a professional and positive way. He treats his teammates and fans well, he respects the media, and seemingly doesn’t have any missteps off the court. Well after losing Game 6 to the Magic 103-90 on Saturday night in Orlando, LeBron skipped out of Amway Arena and dodged the media. That disappearing act came after he had already walked off the court without congratulating his opponents. I’ve already acknowledged that facing the media following season-ending losses is torturous, but when you’re a professional athlete, it’s part of your job.

I understand where LeBron maybe wanted to avoid saying something he’d regret, the way Dwight Howard did when he called out Stan Van Gundy following a loss to the Celtics. I could see where he’d be frustrated after seeing everything they worked for all season long go down the drain. It’s a terrible spot the players are put into but it’s part of the job. For LeBron, all the hype and glory he’s received is in large part thanks to the media. To skip out on them because he’s disappointed, sad, uncertain, or whatever, is poor form. People want to know how he’s reacting to the loss, how he handles defeat and disappointment — I certainly did. And if you want all the glory after hitting the game-winning three-pointer to beat the Magic in Game 2, you have to be there to answer the questions about the disappointment when your team gets eliminated from the playoffs. That’s really weak on LeBron’s part and it makes me look at him differently now.

As for all the LeBron vs. Kobe marketing campaigns? Arash Markazi points out that Vitamin Water has already pulled their ads:

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  • Lani

    Lebron James showed no class last night!! I like Lebron, but I’m sorry there is no excuse for that. Great players are not only sized up by their titles, but how well they react when they suffer a loss. Kobe had to go through so much, and even last year he congratulated the Celtics, and did his press interviews. To me Lebron has great talent, but he has no class! It’s great when he was winning, doing all the interviews, and making cocky faces… but when it comes to losing he just buckles away from the pressure.

  • SpinMax


  • Chuck

    Larry Brown you are a donkey! You are entitled to your opinion as am I and the rest of the sports world. I have NO ISSUE with a 24 year old Lebron James walking off the court. He just poured out his entire being on the court only to find out that it is not enough. Frustrated, confused, disappointed, let-down, abandoned, are only a few of the emotions running through him at the end. If he would have Charlie Browned the playoffs with his effort or performance than I would not give him a pass. Hat’s off to the MAN that decided to defy ALL ODDS and play 1 on 5 for a championship….and almost made it. Good show Lebron, I can only hope that many people could approach their goals with such passion, desire, and effort.

    -cgray34 Fan of Great NBA talent with character.

  • Kyle

    Sorry guys– love Lebron but you would NEVER see that in the NHL. Lebron has to be higher than his pride, the NBA needs all the likeable stars they can get.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Classless, you’ve gotta face and media.

    Even worse though is the day after not being at all apologetic and claiming “it’s not poor sportsmanship” to not shake your opponents hand. By not speaking to the media he forces his teammates to have to speak for him and creates a bigger controversy than if he had just spent 5 minutes behind the mic.

    Be a man, LeBron. The guy who wants to a a global icon/billionaire has to be better than that.

  • http://NONE AZIZ

    Infortunate that Lebron walked off the field without congratulating the other team. Does how we all do it in sports, when you loose you praise yr opponent for kicking your butt meaning you should have played better and you didn’t. They will always have something encouranging to say to you which does not dimished the fact that they wouldn’t wanna beat you again the next time you meet them again. But since is sports you dust yourself up and come back stronger. I could care less about the media, I would have done exactly what he did wihout speaking to them. I only faulted him for not congratulating the other team expecially the superman. That goes to show you how imature Lebron is. Wade would have never done that even after rashed had jumped to his chest causing him to miss game 6 of the 2005 easting conference finals and eventually loosing in game seven due to the recuring injury he still congratulated the other team and came back strong the next to win the whole thing.
    So correct me if I’m wrong, Lebron you are a fantastic player and your view on congratulating the team you lost to that it does not make sense to do that after loosing to them is just pathetic. If you don’t believe in that then you need to find a different line of work, because in sports you congratulate when you loose and vise versa when you win
    You may never learn from this which i hope it does not happen but such dissappointment is going to happen more often is up to you to shape up. I was not a big fun of yours because I thought you’re over hype until this post season, which I still think you’re the 3rd best player in the game today following Wade, Kobe, then you. But I learned something about you that I didn’t know you’re very down to earth and love your team mates. And after watching you dodge Howard and the magic I’m pulling back off you a little which you could care less after all you make money that i may never have a sniff at until die but reputation goes a long way just ask Pete Ross.
    So I leave you with this, how are you giong to feel after you get eliminated by the Miami heat next year, because you know the most fierce closure in the fourth Quarter they call Flush is coming next year with a vengiance.
    So Lebron learn some sports manship because you acted just like a child

  • Meeu

    I don’t quite agree with this as I don’t quite agree with Aldridge’s article in nba.com. people often forget the fact that they built (at least the media did) the image that is Lebron James, how come they are so shocked with his walkout after scoring 30+ pts in all but one game in that series? why? does our expectations have to leave his actions “inexcusable”?