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Monday, June 18, 2018

The Bucks Are Officially Stalking Yi

It’s like getting a number from a drunk chick at a bar. You call her a few days later and she quickly gets off the phone, because after all, she was drunk when you met her. Then you call the next day and get voice mail. Day after that, same result. Pretty soon, you get the picture she doesn’t want you to call her anymore. We’ve all been there before. But this same situation is happening with the Milwaukee Bucks and their first round pick, Yi Jianlian. The Bucks have officially moved into stalker zone; they are following him around:

Milwaukee Bucks general manager Larry Harris arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday, and he was intent on meeting with first-round draft pick Yi Jianlian.

The 7-foot forward also was in Las Vegas, preparing with the Chinese national team to compete in the NBA Summer League.

The Bucks had wanted to watch Yi work out at his pre-draft base in Los Angeles, however, but their request was denied.

If Yi refuses to play for the Bucks and they do not trade him, he could sit out a full year and not play professionally with his Guangdong Tigers club or anyone else.

As comical as I find this entire situation, it’s somewhat sad. What kind of crappy, Eli Manning-type of way to do business is this? Seriously. I mean, are the Bucks really this bad to the point where you’re taking to those measures not to interact with their front office? I don’t think so. Yi and his camp are being punks. I wish Yi the same type of success that has been bestowed upon the great Eli Manning. That’s what he deserves at this point.

Also check out The Big Picture which does this much better than I do.

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