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Friday, May 25, 2018

Tyson Chandler demonstrates why USA Basketball team doesn’t fit in Olympic Village (Picture)

One of the issues for athletes that have to sleep in the Olympic Village is the size of the beds. The beds that have been provided in the dormitories in London are best suited for children and jockeys. Don’t believe us? Have a look at them for yourself. If you are more than 5-foot-8, you probably are going to struggle to get a solid night’s sleep in an Olympic Village bed. That is why the USA Basketball team is not staying in the Olympic Village, and those of you who thought they were being babies about it need look no further than the photo above.

Lolo Jones tweeted a picture of Team USA center Tyson Chandler laying in one of the beds on Thursday evening — don’t get any ideas because Jones is still in search of the man of her dreams. Unless Chandler enjoys having his head against a well and everything below his knees hanging off the bed, I don’t think the arrangement would work out. Now do you see why Jamaica ordered a custom bed for Usain Bolt?

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