Cavs Fans Burn LeBron’s Jersey

Seven years, six All-Star games, back-to-back MVPs, a scoring title, a finals appearance, and two 60-win seasons, and this is how the Cavs fans thank LeBron James? Of course it is — they’re the same bunch that booed the Cavs during the playoffs. Why would expect anything other than seeing them burn his jersey upon hearing that he’s leaving Cleveland for the Miami Heat? Here’s one of the many videos of Cavs fans burning LeBron’s jersey:

Typical ungrateful, insensible fans who don’t appreciate what they had. Hope they enjoyed those 60-win seasons because they might not win half that amount now.

Video Credit: YouTube user jiedlin

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  • Jo

    LOL you just called cleveland fans ungrateful. that’s hilarious. You consider yourself a serious writer?

    On a real note, they spent the money for the jersey, let em do what they want.

  • Johnny

    Walker – Are you retarded? Seriously, are you? What did you expect would happen? “Typical ungrateful, insensible fans who don’t appreciate what they had”: Right – like any other city in the same circumstances would have given the guy who was viewed as the franchise savior, but who is now leaving a red carpet send off, the keys to the city and a parade. Uh-huh.

  • Jeff J

    You are completely off on this one Jake. Cleveland fans would be loyal to the end with Lebron. Its the way he did it, on live television spitting in the city of Cleveland’s face, that has the folks burning his jersey. If he had done it respectfully, with class, sure he still would have lost some fans, but there would be none of the hatred being shown.

    Wait until you hear the booing from the Heat fans when these guys don’t win a title next year. This ain’t nothing.

  • Graz

    Dude, seriously? The guy hamstrung the team for the next 2 years because of the trades that HE wanted, management had no chance on signing any players during this offseason because of him dragging this out and he QUIT in game 5 against Boston. These fans “that didn’t appreciate what they had” are the people that spent MILLIONS of dollars on his gear and on tix. There’s something called loyalty that had been shown in the past by players such as MJ (7 years before championship) and Kobe (the stumbling seasons after Shaq). LeBron singlehandedly doomed the Cavs to years of rebuilding a franchise that was very successfully built around him (numerous seasons of over 50 wins). It’s become apperant that he doesn’t have what it takes to be what he wants to be…one of the greatest players ever. If he did, then he would have been able to win in Cleveland.

  • http://MSN.COM Ms. F. J.

    How dare Cleveland fans, the coach, the state and every other state that was not chosen treat this man as if he owes them something. His gifts are God given. Slavery is O V E R. People have a right to continue to move forward in their life. Everyone is looking for what money and fame Lebron James can help them accumulate. He has and everyone else has a RIGHT to move forward in THEIR life. Stop B*T$H&NG about a grown man moving on with his life and find another player who is also capable of achieving great things WITH your TEAM. Never expect anyone to remain STAGNANT Just Because… There are plenty of other young men and ladies who need you to see their accomplishments and need you to encourage them. REMEMBER SLAVERY IS OVER … YOU DID NOT OWN HIM. HE IS A FREE MAN!!!

  • Alex

    Congrats, Ms. FJ! You waited two whole days before you brought slavery into it! I applaud you for your restraint! I am a bit disappointed, though, that you weren’t able to work a Cleveland/Nazi reference in there, though.

    Lady, give it a rest. Let Cleveland fans vent. They’re angry and they feel betrayed. If you (and Jake, for that matter) don’t understand the relationship between cities and the sports teams/players and all that it entails on both sides then a simple message board post won’t make it any clearer. Let’s just say your post (inflammatory race baiting aside) is a great example of the proverb “Right church, wrong pew”.