Video: Kendrick Perkins Elbows Mickael Pietrus, Another Suspension Coming

Funny how we mentioned Stan Van Gundy going off on the league prior to Game 3 of the Magic/Celtics series for favoritism regarding suspensions. While the Magic played and won without point guard Rafer Alston Friday night, it looks like Boston will be without center Kendrick Perkins for Game 4 on Sunday. Check out this cheap shot he lays on Mickael Pietrus in the 4th quarter:

Here’s the way I look at things: you suspend Dwight Howard for his elbow on Samuel Dalembert last series, you have to sit Perkins down for this one. Kendrick connected with an elbow above the chest and it wasn’t like Kobe’s on Artest which was in the middle of a basketball play. Kendrick was holding his elbow high on purpose — almost headhunting there. It was a dirty play. Compare it with Howard’s:

Yeah, I’d say a suspension’s coming though both coaches are bummed that they keep losing players.

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  • stacy

    I dont think so. I think they called it right on the floor. Flagrant 1. He was walking towards him with BOTH his arms out not even looking at him. Dwight’s elbow was intentional and at the HEAD. Perks was in the low shoulders/chest area. It didnt look like it was intentional and especially with them not suspending Kobe they cant suspend Perk. And also the rules say clearly an elbow above the shoulders. And Perk was more of a forearm than an elbow in the chest/shoulder area. Pietrus played it up. Van gundy is a whiner. Kobe’s was also an elbow to the chest/shoulder area. But if you ask me the officiating in that game was really weird. The refs swallowed their whistles. Even the announcers were surprised at some of the calls on the celtics and the no calls on Orlando. And I wouldnt be surprised if the rivers complained to the league about Dwight setting screens. Some of them looked like offensive fouls to me. but the rocket/ laker game was better- the officiating was more consistent. i will be watching sunday though. Anyone else think is funny that they basically have the same playoff schedule?

  • DS

    Stacy, are you kidding me? Are we looking at the same video? Perkins hit Pietrus in the jaw & neck (NOT the chest) and on purpose! … Absolutely this is an F2 and Perkins will (should) sit out for game 4. If the NBA does not do this then its open season on the Celtics for the rest of this series. Stacy is obviously a Celtics fan who thinks that the Celtics can (should) get away with anything, like Rondo’s “foul” on Miller in the Celtics-Bulls series. Rondo should have sat out for a game for that one. Just like it was appropriate for Howard to sit out during the 76ers series. I think overall NBA play is becoming more like football now-a-days.

  • JLS

    Looks like Pietrus played it up a little bit, but the one angle from the side does show Perkins going in there with his elbow raised to head/neck level and hitting Pietrus. It’s not as bad as a full-on swing that makes contact, but this should get a suspension because it still looked intentional. It should have been a flagrant 2 ejection. If you saw the Artest foul on Gasol last night, that should have been a flagrant 1, or just a regular foul, not an ejection. At least the refs got the Vujacic/Alston call right when Alston got Sasha up in the air with a fake and then leaned into him as he flew by. It looked bad, but was not flagrant. Lets face it though, NBA refs have a hard job, but most of the time they get it right.

  • ezp

    if Perkins does not get suspended for that cheap play the NBA is officially playing favorites and making a folly of the sport (see Major League Baseball)….this suspension trend is terrible but since they opened that door trying to manipulate the sport and capitalize on teams with larger markets (ad revenue) now they must follow their own rules “any elbow above the shoulders = a one game suspension”…..any other call and the NBA is officially a joke!

  • ts2

    A cheap shot by Perkins? Definitely. A flop by Pietrus? Definitely. Suspend Perkins? I don’t think so. Calling the flagrant is right. I don’t know if the NBA fines players in these situations, but a hefty fine to get Perkins’ attention would be warranted. Howard’s elbow was a full-on swing to someone’s head. They played footsy with the Kobe decision by breaking down body parts. Perkins definitely connected with the throat at least and maybe the chin, but Pietrus also saw it coming a took a big flop. If the NBA wanted to get this under control, they would have suspended Kobe and now suspend Perkins, just to say to all players “Put those ‘bows away.” But they didn’t suspend Kobe so IMO suspending Perkins would be the wrong call. At the very least (and maybe they already have) the league office needs to go to each team and say any more ‘bows are an automatic ejection or suspension until they get this under control. Or maybe they’re too busy just enjoying all of the publicity.

  • Official Offiicial Hater

    It was obvious from the first quarter that Boston wasn’t going to get any calls. Rondo was fouled twice on the same play, the second sending him to the floor with no foul called. Look at both videos. In the first one, you see Kendrik Perkins boxing out and Pietrus flopping. Is boxing out so obsolete that even the Refs don’t recognize it when they see it? And especially Larry Brown. How could you have written what’s above? The second video, after the play is finished you see a frustrated Dwight Howard give a straight elbow to Dalembert’s face. Your take on this has made me lose a lot of respect. Everybody knows the Refs control the games but as a coach I would have expected you to want a little bit more integrity in your sport. Anybody who watched Game 3 clearly saw a one-sided game as far as officiating. I feel as though I’m watching a popularity contest rather than a professional sporting event. And this is all sports. If a pitcher is throwing outside and still getting a called strike what’s a batter to do. If an NBA coach has all of his big men in foul trouble in the first half of a game who plays the 4 and 5. And what chances do you really have when even your bench players are in foul trouble. The Refs did make it up to the Celtics though AFTER it became a blow out in the 4th quarter and there was no time for a comeback they finally started calling fouls against Orlando. And a couple of the Pierce fouls were tick-tack like give-the-dog-a-bone. While in the 1st quarter Rondo was repeatedly fouled and never drew a call. And what was the the call on Scalabrine? When Stefan Marbury tried to tackle Lee(?) Scal was nowhere near the play. And that was the hardest foul in the game and it wasn’t even called. Instead the Refs did what they could to put Boston’s big men in foul trouble . The officiating is getting so poor in all of sports that computer technology needs to be integrated to have a fair game…and that’s sad. I don’t want to see a computer generated balls/strike machine when I go to a baseball game or constant instant replays on every possession of a basketball game. But it would almost be preferable to what we’re getting now.