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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Arturo Gatti’s Wife Strangled Him to Death Using Her Purse Strap!

OK, I know it’s sad and all that we’ve had nothing but unexpected deaths in the sports world lately, and ones caused by women, but I have questions. Namely, how is it that one of the toughest boxers in the history of the sport can possibly be strangled to death by his wife — a female who likely is much smaller and weaker than him? Now some details are starting to come clear that make a little more sense. For instance, Arturo Gatti, who was on his honeymoon with his wife Amanda Rodrigues, was passed out drunk apparently. He and his wife were at odds according to Brazilian boxer Popo Freitas and Arturo planned to divorce her. I guess that was enough reason for the wife to try and kill him, first by taking a kitchen knife to the back of his head and next by strangling him with a purse strap when the knife didn’t do enough damage.

The wife seems pretty stupid and sloppy in this case and really didn’t seem like she cared much about covering her tracks. She’s been charged with first degree murder after there were inconsistencies during the interrogation. She’s trying to claim that someone else came into the room and committed the murder, but the room was on the second floor of the hotel and a magnetic key card was needed to open the room, making it highly unlikely someone else came in. Boxing Scene says the two were out to dinner the night before the murder and had gotten into a fight on the street where Gatti pushed his wife to the ground. Between McNair and Arturo, it’s pretty clear that guys need to be extremely careful about what they’re doing and with whom they’re cavorting. Better yet, never pass out drunk around your lady — you never know if you’ll wake up!

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