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Friday, June 22, 2018

Dana White calls Floyd Mayweather Jr. racist, tells him to fight Pacquiao (Video)

In an epic rant that only Dana White and professional wrestlers are capable of, White unloaded on Floyd Mayweather Jr., calling the undefeated boxer a racist, among other fun and delightful things.

The UFC president was doing an interview with Fuel TV on Tuesday night when he responded to the controversial two cents Mayweather put in last week on the Jeremy Lin hoopla.

“First of all, what he said, I think is racist,” White started out. “He made a couple of racist comments. And yes, Floyd, you’re racist with the stuff that you’ve said. First of all, Jeremy Lin gets all this credit because he’s an Asian player in the NBA that African-Americans never get? Yeah, he’s getting all this praise because he is an Asian guy playing in the NBA.

“And you say African-Americans don’t get it? Really? Kobe Bryant doesn’t get any praise? Michael Jordan never got any praise? The list goes on and on of guys who completely get praised for being great NBA basketball players.”

But it didn’t stop there! Already all-in on being the moral police, White blasted Mayweather for once upon a time telling Manny Pacquiao to make sushi for him: “Sushi’s from Japan. He’s from the Philippines, dummy.”

White ended his diatribe by challenging Mayweather to finally fight Pacquiao: “You don’t deserve more of the purse. If there was ever a fight in history that should be split 50-50, it’s the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. Shut up, both of you split the money up, and put on the fight that everybody, including me, wants to see.”

With all that, I think Pacquiao might be writing a “God bless Dana White” tweet tomorrow.

H/T Kevin Iole

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