Floyd Mayweather Jr. Taunts Manny Pacquiao with Facebook Posts

This Floyd Mayweather Jr. character is beginning to look worse and worse by the day. We’ve gone over the legal issues he’s been facing lately, and most of the public has turned against him for his refusal to fight Manny Pacquiao. While Pac Man is working on his third fight since he and Money were supposed to meet, Floyd has been doing nothing but getting into trouble and betting on basketball games.

Oh yeah, he’s also been taunting Pacquiao.

Mayweather spent part of his Saturday reminding fight fans that he’s still undefeated while Manny’s record has been thrice blemished. In four separate posts on his Facebook page, he linked to videos of each one of Pacquiao’s losses, and then he topped it off by writing that he was 41-0 and undefeated.

It’s extremely irritating to see Floyd waste his time that way. We all know that he’s undefeated and that Manny has lost. But Pacquiao has been fantastic over the last handful of years, and it’s universally believed that he’s the only fighter who can challenge — and possibly beat — Floyd. If Floyd’s so good and Manny’s so bad, then why won’t he prove it in the ring?

With every fight that passes between the two of them matching up, Floyd looks worse and worse. And you know what? Even if they do eventually meet, a Mayweather win won’t have as much significance as it would have a year and a half ago when this fight was supposed to happen.

Floyd’s facebook postings pointed out by BSO. Here they are:

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  • http://www.facebook.com/john.maglaperidze John Maglaperidze

    Floyd is great, but he talks too much about been undefeated while Pac is winning titles left and right in different weight classes, Floyd is great , but Pacquiao is the best right now.

  • Anonymous

    Mr brown, it’s well known that It was manny that refused Olympic style testing, otherwise the fight with Money would of happenned.
    To me manny is as much a cheater as margarito.
    Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Justinianus Jay Tolentino

    It’s all politics- why should Manny have to submit himself to additional drug screening and allow Mayweather to push him around, thus putting him in a weaker mental position before a big fight? Athletic commissions decide what tests need to be taken, not fighters- and Pacquiao passed every single test set out by said commissions.

  • Anonymous

    If manny had nothing to hide, he would of taken the Olympic style testing and
    made hundreds of millions.

    I personaly think Mayweather Jr. can beat manny and all of the steroids in the
    Philipines, any day.

    Mayweather Jr. is faster, stronger and a much of a better defensive fighter than
    manny will ever be.

    I respect Nonito Donaire a million times more than manny pacjuice.