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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Oscar De La Hoya Allegedly Threw Drug-Fueled, Cross-Dressing Sex Party

Where do we even begin with this one? It may not seem possible, but Oscar De La Hoya could be more messed up than we thought.  We obviously knew he had some issues when he finally admitted to paying $20 million in hush money to cover up those disturbing lingerie photos that were floating around.  A recent NY Post story seems to indicate that De La Hoya wasn’t just dressing in drag and doing drugs — he was completely out of control.

New York model Angelica Marie Cecora came forward and gave an exclusive interview with the Post, every detail of which is worth reading if you’re into hearing about people being drugged out and sick in the head.  Cecora said De La Hoya contacted her through her modeling website and asked that she help him “relax” after he returned home from visiting troops in Iraq.  After initially lying about who he was, De La Hoya reportedly flashed his AmEx Black Card over dinner — during which he was drinking heavily — and asked that Cecora spend the night with him.  That’s when things got extremely interesting.

Cecora said De La Hoya was drinking heavily during dinner and ordered more booze to his room when they got upstairs — and that’s when he got freaky.

“He started to put my stuff on, my underwear. I had a skirt with me. He put that on,” she said.

“He was the exact same size as me. He fit into the tiniest pair of underwear that I had been wearing,” said Cecora, who has posed for Playboy and Maxim.

She said he then ordered drugs to be delivered to the room, which she tried to keep from him but he kept throwing fits and saying he wanted more.  Cecora said Oscar was also yelling, “Winning!” over and over to pay homage to Charlie Sheen, who De La Hoya reportedly said was his idol.  From there, she said, he became “completely wasted” so she called her roommate to join them.

“She is a dancer. I thought he would definitely be interested in her,” Cecora said. “He had asked her to bring some stuff with her. Some more underwear, some vibrators, toys . . . She brought a vibrator, a dildo, a bong.

“He was naked the whole time, wearing our underwear, nothing more,” she said. “He had both of ours on at the same time.”

In one of the most shocking claims, Cecora alleged the boxer was snorting cocaine — and asked her to perform an extreme sex act.

“I explained to him I have never done that before,” she said. “He was in these positions that [still] keep flashing into my head.”

When the women tried to sleep, De La Hoya allegedly got persistent.

“We locked him out of his own room and made him sleep in the living room,”Cecora said.

“He came in the room about four times, trying to crawl in bed with us, to the point that me and her screamed at him, ‘Go away, Oscar. Otherwise we’re leaving, and its not going to be pretty.’ He wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

De La Hoya eventually gave in, and Cecora said all the drug paraphernalia was cleaned up the next morning but the toys and everything else were left behind.  He also left the women with a $1,500 hotel bill, which they said his manager tried to settle up at a later point.  Hey, at least he never cheated on his wife like Tiger Woods or anything.

Aside from the drugs and cross-dressing stuff which we already knew about De La Hoya, these particular claims are alarming because they come dangerously close to alleging rape.  Cecora said on two separate occasions that Oscar would not take no for an answer, and acknowledged that they had intercourse.  De La Hoya’s already brutal reputation just got a bit worse.

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