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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Suns Loss Continues Their Strange TNT Losing Streak

One of the strangest, most bizarre streaks I’ve seen continued on Thursday night when they Suns lost to the Trail Blazers in Portland. The loss ran Phoenix’s losing streak in games televised on TNT to 17. To make the loss look even worse, the Suns were up by 11 entering the fourth quarter, and up…Read More

Trevor Ariza Throws an Elbow at DeMar DeRozan in Frustration

While most sports fans were busy focusing on week 14 of the NFL season, there were a few NBA games going on. In one, the Cavs beat the Thunder in Oklahoma City and LeBron James went into the stands to grab a french fry from a fan. In the earliest game on the schedule, the…Read More

LeBron James Helps Himself to a Fan’s Fries in the Stands

LeBron James has taken heat recently for his casual attitude on the floor. Just a week ago, Joakim Noah called LeBron out for dancing during the game. It seems to me that opposing players aren’t happy with LeBron’s cavalier attitude, feeling that his team’s success doesn’t give him the right to play around as much…Read More

Data Disputes Tim Donaghy’s Claim About Dick Bavetta

The case of Tim Donaghy is a difficult one to analyze. The guy was thrown in prison for betting on games he officiated, shamed, disgraced, and now he’s written a book about the corruption by officials in the NBA. Skeptics will say his claims confirm what they have believed for quite some time, that the…Read More

David Kahn: We Knew Ricky Rubio Wouldn’t Come This Year

A few months into the season and the big debate that occurred on draft day regarding the Timberwolves has been pushed aside in favor of more current topics. Still, Minnesota is struggling at 3-17 while their top draft pick is playing bacll in Spain, and their other top pick is being overshadowed by a player…Read More

Voodoo Doll Strikes Greg Oden Again

Poor Greg Oden. I don’t know how you can say anything else. The guy battled through a thumb injury his first and only year at Ohio State, then he missed his first season because of knee surgery, he got hurt on opening night last year and then missed another month later in the season. And…Read More

LeBron James and Joakim Noah Get Into it, Noah Calls James a Bitch?

The Bulls are a disappointing 7-10 on the season while the Cavs have rebounded from an 0-2 start to ascend to 14-5, placing them first in the Central in the Eastern Conference. Now that the Cavs are rolling, they’re back to their same tricks from last year which is to say partying and enjoying themselves…Read More

DeJuan Blair Scores on His Own Basket

The Spurs lost to the Celtics Thursday night, 90-83. With under a minute left, Richard Jefferson made a shot to bring the Spurs within four, 87-83. After Kevin Garnett missed an outside jumper and Tony Parker had his layup blocked by Rajon Rondo, San Antonio had to begin fouling to stop the clock in hopes…Read More

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