Bubba Watson apologizes for acting ‘childish’ at PGA Championship

Bubba-Watson-Denny-Hamlin-CaddyBubba Watson has apologized for the way he acted at the PGA Championship earlier this month, both during play and when protesting the long drive competition.

For those of you who missed it, Watson was furious that the PGA chose to hold a long drive competition at a time when he felt players should be practicing and learning the course at Valhalla. In order to express his frustration with the event, Watson used a 3-iron during the competition instead of a driver. Bubba has the longest drive on the tour this season at 424 yards.

“I’m there to play golf, not to hit it far,” Watson said at the time. “I’ve got to practice. I’ve never been to the course. I don’t need to worry about a long drive on the 10th hole.”

On Tuesday, Watson acknowledged that he should have just participated in the contest and kept quiet.

“If you look at the bigger picture, not competing in the Long Drive Contest was the first mistake,” he said, according to Steve DiMeglio of USA Today Sports. “When you look at just me as an individual, that was the selfish part, because I didn’t agree with it but there’s a lot of things that I don’t agree with that I do.”

Then there was the way Watson interacted with his caddie, Ted Scott. During his second round at the PGA Championship, Bubba swore at his caddie after hitting a poor shot and complained when he was handed a club with a wet face. He also made Scott tee a ball up for him at one point so he wouldn’t get wet.

“Because I want something so bad, that’s not the reason to do that,” Watson admitted. “You still just bite your tongue and compete at a high level, don’t show emotion, and I take it overboard because I want something so bad. I want to be considered a great player. I want to win golf tournaments and I’ve got to learn on that.

” … And then my language was not good. That’s a different topic, and childish again. It’s all childish stuff and I’m trying to mature and become a better man. I take it on the chin. It was my fault. Everything’s my fault and I should be bigger and stronger and better than that.”

Bubba has done some great things off the course that make him a fan favorite, but he has a tendency to let his emotions get the best of him. I’m sure Scott is used to it, as this is not the first time Watson has blown up on him in the middle of a round. Bubba can apologize as much as he wants, but it’s not going to matter until he stops doing stuff like that.

Guy had massive welt after being hit in head with golf ball


Every golfer’s worst nightmare came true for a Swedish man named Joakim Boden recently. No, we’re not talking about missing a two-foot putt when you’re playing your buddy for $20 bucks a hole. Boden was drilled directly in the head with a golf ball.

Despite the monstrous welt the ball left on his forehead, Boden somehow lived to tell the tale. He told golf.se that he was playing a casual round with some friends when something that “sounded like a gunshot” turned out to be a ball striking him in the dome. Look away if you’re squeamish:

Fortunately, Boden was examined at a nearby healthy clinic and did not have any serious injuries. While it is incredibly rare to be hit with a ball, let alone in the head, Boden’s experience is a reminder that you should always cover your head if you hear someone yell “fore!”

H/T Golf Digest via Deadspin

Golfer Nathan Spoon-Kanner sinks three holes-in-one in 45 days

Hole-in-oneUnless your name is Rory McIlroy, Nathan Spoon-Kanner has probably had a better past month-and-a-half of golf than you have. Spoon-Kanner, a 22-year-old student from California, drained a hole-in-one at Casserly Golf Course in Watsonville, Cali. on Monday. You could say the perfect shot was business as usual.

Spoon-Kanner’s hole-in-one was his third — that’s right, third — in the past 45 days. His first was an 88-yard shot (that’s a pretty short par-3) with a pitching wedge on June 29. His second was a 180-yard hybrid shot on Aug. 4 and the one he sunk Monday was a 112-yard shot with a nine iron.

Despite the incredible recent success, Spoon-Kanner told The Santa Cruz Sentinel that he isn’t a particularly good golfer.

“I’m nothing more than an average golfer,” he said. “I’m just teeing in on the greens. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.”

Spoon-Kanner’s handicap is nine and he has been playing since he was 2, so he’s a little better than average. All of his aces had witnesses, including his buddy Quinn Sanberg who was there for all three.

“I was there all three times,” Sanberg said. “It was like an out-of-body experience just watching them. He’s starting to make it look easy now.”

Gold Digest once estimated that the odds of an amateur golfer hitting a hole-in-one are 12,500:1. If you want to do the math on what the odds are of draining three aces in a lifetime let alone three in less than two months, be my guest. Most avid golfers will never make a hole-in-one in their entire lives.

So what’s the secret? Spoon-Kanner, who had surgery on both his knees after playing baseball for years, said the golf course is a place where he can just relax.

“When I’m out there, it’s all mind and spirit,” he explained. “It’s more than ball and club and putting the ball in the hole. I am thankful to be somewhat healthy and pain-free. I went through a lot with surgery. It was a long-haul recovery. I think I am being rewarded. I still have pain. I’m still recovering.”

One hole-in-one would constitute being rewarded. Three is simply incredible.

H/T Eye on Golf

Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler shared great tweets after PGA Championship

Rory McIlroy Rickie Fowler

Rory McIlroy played another round of excellent golf on Sunday to hold off Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler for his second PGA Championship and fourth overall major.

Mickelson shot a 5-under 66 to finish second at 15 under for the tournament, while Fowler finished tied for third at 14 under, two shots behind McIlroy.

Sunday marked another close call for Fowler, who finished in the top five of all four majors this year. He finished right behind Rory in the last two majors of the season, leading to this great Twitter exchange from the two:

Even though Fowler did not win a major this year, he joins exclusive company by finishing in the top five of all four in the same season — only Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods have also accomplished the feat. At least he recognizes what an accomplishment that is:

Like Rory said, with the way Fowler played this year, a major has to be coming soon for him.

Rory McIlroy saves Wanamaker Trophy from falling (Video)

Rory McIlroy continued his domination of the PGA Tour on Sunday with a win at the PGA Championship. The win was McIlroy’s third straight overall and second consecutive major victory. Rory made some timely shots all week to propel his way to another win, but his best save came after he was done playing.

As McIlroy was being handed the coveted Wanamaker Trophy, the presenter accidentally tilted the massive piece of hardware and the cover came off of it. McIlroy was able to grab the lid while holding his hat in his left hand.


When you’re locked in, you’re locked in. McIlroy admitted over the weekend that breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki has allowed him to focus more on golf and play better. There’s really no debating that at this point.

GIF via @cjzero

Rory McIlroy says split with girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki has helped his game

Rory McIlroy Caroline WozniackiRory McIlroy has regained his status as the No. 1 golfer in the world during his incredible run over the past few weeks. McIlroy has a chance to win his third tournament in a row and second-straight major at the PGA Championship on Sunday. Did breaking up with Caroline Wozniacki allow McIlroy to rediscover his game?

The 25-year-old believes calling off his engagement has helped his swing.

“I think what happened has been for the better in terms of my golf,” McIlroy told reporters over the weekend, via the Daily Mail. “I’ve put a bit more time into it and it has refocused me. I mean, what else do I have to do now? I go to the golf course, I go to the gym and it’s just my life at the minute.

“I worked pretty hard before but the past couple of months I’ve really just buried myself in my game. It obviously works pretty well, so I am going to have to keep doing it.”

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The results speak for themselves, though I doubt McIlroy would have called off his engagement just days after sending out wedding invitations just because of golf. He didn’t dump Woz for golf, but it was obviously a consideration.

Meanwhile, a certain ex-girlfriend recently started following McIlroy on Twitter again. Maybe one of our all-time favorite golf WAGs had some advice for Rory.

Rory McIlroy’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney follows him on Twitter

Rory McIlroy Holly Sweeney

The real reason for Rory McIlroy’s success lately is not because he’s been practicing more and it’s not because he broke up with Caroline Wozniacki. It’s because Holly Sweeney is back in his life.

Holly is Rory’s childhood sweetheart and girlfriend from his early days on tour. Holly is the one he broke up with to get with Woz.

Since Holly is still a favorite WAG here at LBS (current or former — they all count to us), we still follow her on Twitter. She tweeted Saturday about her baby shower — we told you she was pregnant with her current boyfriend’s baby — and we decided to check what she’s been up to lately.

And guess what? She recently started following Rory again.

Holly Sweeney Twitter

Her Twitter activity log shows she began following him between July 27 and Aug. 4.

Look, Holly has a boyfriend — Belfast Giants hockey player Jeff Mason — and is expecting a child, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have some interest in Rory’s life.

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Rory, by the way, has been following Holly all along and followed her at the same time he followed Kate Upton. That has to be a sign. And it certainly can’t hurt to have Holly back in his corner.

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