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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why Your March Madness Bracket Sucks

Ah March Madness, the time of year when we scramble to finish our brackets confident that we have chosen the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. We stand assured that our number 16 seed will take it all the way. We ignore the “you are insane” looks we receive from friends and co-workers when we submit our bracket and prepare our windpipes to laugh at them because we were once doubted. Then, inevitably, we get knocked out in the first round.

I’ve been doing my research because I too want to be the psychic of NCAA tournament predictions picking Murray State and Old Dominion, so I figured there must be some tips to follow. Surely, someone must know the answer as to how to my bracket better and my wallet bigger. There’s lots of tips out there and I’ve complied what I think the best ones. Basically, if you didn’t follow these, your bracket might suck.

1. Use your head, not your heart

Just because you like a school, or you have a connection to it (a family member goes there, you’re an alumni) does not mean that they will win anything. Do your homework and make sure that emotions are not outweighing logic.

2. Take a look at the coaching

Again, do a little research and see who’s been down this block before. I’m not saying rookie coaches don’t have the same desire to win, just some of the veteran coaches like Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski are more likely to keep their cool under pressure.

3. Go streaking

Look at what the team has done before they got to the tournament. The last nine winners have had ten game winning streaks or better.

4. Beware of the “Cinderella story”

Like I said before, we all want to be the one who chooses the biggest upset, but be cautious. The seeds are ranked the way they are for a reason. If your picking an underdog you better have a good reason.

5. Who’s number one?

If you are struggling with your bracket, choose the team who has been your number from the start. Trust your gut on that one.

Anything can happen in the NCAA Championship Tournament so just because there are tips doesn’t mean they can’t be proven wrong either. That’s why it’s March Madness, because by the end of it someone has gone crazy.

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