Alabama Basketball Fans Mock LSU Football Team in Clever Fashion (Video)

The LSU men’s basketball team had to deal with an unfortunate scheduling coincidence on Wednesday night. Just two nights after Alabama embarrassed LSU on the football field to win the 2011 National Championship, the Tigers had to travel to Alabama to face the Crimson Tide in hoops. Naturally, the Alabama students weren’t about to let the LSU players get through the evening without some harassment — whether Monday night’s loss had anything to do with them or not. At least the Crimson Tide students were clever about it. Check out this video of the Alabama student section letting out a mock cheer when LSU crossed the half-court line, courtesy of The Dagger:

Between this, the Rex Ryan feet costumes, and the enormous cutout of Kim Kardashian, fans are going through a pretty creative streak.  As we all witnessed on Monday, Les Miles chose to stick with Jordan Jefferson against Alabama and the plan failed miserably.  LSU managed an embarrassing 92 yards of total offense.  Whether it has anything to do with a basketball game or not, they deserve all the harmless heckling they receive.  Oh, and Alabama smacked LSU, 69-53, on the court. Roll Tide once again.

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