Bob Knight called Kentucky ‘The team playing from the SEC’

Bob Knight, in an apparent show of disrespect, refused to mention the University of Kentucky by name when discussing the NCAA Tournament Saturday.

According to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, when asked on “SportsCenter” which No. 1 seed was most susceptible to upset, Knight said “the team playing from the SEC.” It was apparently pretty obvious that Knight was pulling an Urban Meyer and refusing to call the school by its name.

For anyone thinking there was nothing negative intended by Knight’s words, history suggests otherwise. Knight is a champion of integrity in college basketball and has blasted John Calipari numerous times for being a dirty coach with a history of putting programs on probation. He even had to apologize last year for making negative claims about Kentucky’s program that were false.

So yeah, if you don’t think this was intentional from Knight, think again. I have no problem with it; the real problem is a dirty coach like John Calipari cruising through the tournament without anyone pointing out how his best seasons end up vacated because of cheating.

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  • Gene

    I think it goesw even deeper than that, although I agree with everything you wrote aobut Calipari.  Indiana and Kentucky have historically been bitter rivals for area recruits and in their annual preseason games.  Knight, as IU coach, was right in the middle of nthat rivalry for many years.

  • Anonymous

    The old joke in age but “Child” in actions is still showing his child actions.  Why does ESPN give this guy air time, especially the disrespect he showed reporters.  He’s a has been that never really was.  Jealous of Cats and Cal.  Always has been.  He could never get there.  His bullying didn’t work with the Cats.  Remember 1975!  Joe B even kicked his butt.  He needs to be councelled for throwing chairs, choking kids & even kicking his own son.;and anyone that was a threat to him.. bullying Digger, Lou Henson, Gene Keady.  General my A@@ he’s no possible role model.  Just a Joke.  Give him a microphone & have him ask stupidions to coaches, see how it feels.

  • Anonymous

    He makes me sick to see him with his ESPN sweaters.  IU was smart to get him out.  Thanks Miles Brand, you protected some kids and gained respect from many

  • Anonymous

    Please check his record before you call Coach Calipari dirty.  He is honest and he has integrity. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001949696431 Brent Chapman

    it’s a good thing that bob knight never did anything even close to being wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dana-Stinson/1649842111 Dana Stinson

    You show a high level of integrity yourself when you have no trouble with a former coach who makes claims about any program that were proven to be false.  People with public platforms that smear the reputation of others with false allegations just because they do not like them show the lowest level of  character and integrity of anyone.  I’m not surprised that you have no problem with Knight and you probably find nothing wrong with Knight chocking a student because he addressed him as “Knight” instead of “Coach Knight”.  Obviously, the kid deserved it since that is not the way to address God.  You and Knight view things alike and operate on the same level.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JPV235UFSDTIZUWGJQ35WTC2FE James

    Yellow journalism garbage.  Prove your innuendo or stfu.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQSJTJOMX4NTF6IISN6FFWDCIE chris

    this larry brown guy has no clue what he is talking about. i love how the people that accuse cal of being dirty have no clue about either situation so let me explain what happened both times.  at umass camby recieved money from an agent in his last year after after after the season was over over over but the semester was not over so the ncaa said that still made camby ineligible so they made umass vacate the season so that has nothing to do with coach cal.  now with the memphis situation rose got a fake sat score during his senior year of high school high school high school before he had even comitted to any college and the ncaa even cleared him before the season started once again the ncaa cleared him before the season started and once again this sat test was takin at roses high school in his senior year coach cal was not there.  after memphis season was over then the ncaa went back and said oh we made a mistake we shouldnt have cleared rose so memphis has to vacate the season.  once again nothing to do with coach cal.  and you say knight has integrity haha thats why his soon is being investigated at lamar because bob knight made illegal recruiting calls for his son. 

  • Anonymous

    Larry Brown should go suck Bobby Knight. We all know he wants to