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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Kemba Walker Drops What the F— After Shelvin Mack Pushes Jeremy Lamb

We’ve often said here at LBS that TV cameras go places they shouldn’t be during sporting events. We made this remark when Wayne Rooney dropped two f-bombs in front of TV cameras over the weekend for Manchester United, and we’ll say it again now: if you want to broadcast live without a delay, don’t put cameras and mics in bad areas. Looks like CBS will learn the hard way after Kemba Walker dropped a “what the f—” after he saw teammate Jeremy Lamb pushed by Shelvin Mack in the championship game. Here’s that video courtesy of Mock Session:

Once again, either throw in a delay or throw out your plans to have cameras where they shouldn’t be. It’s that simple. Sadly, it wasn’t the only poor choice of words for Walker during the game.

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