Tighten up that Entourage, OJ Mayo

I’ve already made it pretty clear that I can’t stand OJ Mayo for some of his on-court antics. I also said the NCAA was right to investigate him for accepting tickets to an NBA game because that came to close to crossing the line for amateurs going pro. And as you could imagine, I’m not at all surprised to hear the reports by ESPN that Mayo was supposedly accepting gifts from a potential agent the past few years. Dude’s been a lottery pick since sperm — of course agents will be on his jock trying to buy him cars (bikes?), phones, clothes, and whatever else you can think of. And judging by his Russian KGB like actions to tell Tim Floyd that OJ Mayo was coming to school, you could see he was a little out there and quite high profile. Here’s my one comment to OJ Mayo: tighten up that entourage.

I didn’t realize it until like now that the story got out there to ESPN because a former “associate” who used to be in Mayo’s inner circle decided to sell the goods. For all we know, the two-wheeling Mayo could be telling the truth that he did nothing wrong and this Louis Johnson character can just be out to get OJ. I certainly think that’s possible. But let’s be real here: almost all players are on the take. You don’t even have to be good and you still get plenty of perks playing at a big time school. Whether it’s better grades, improved housing, cars, clothes, or cash, almost all of these guys are on the take. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. I can’t accuse OJ of doing anything wrong at this point except for having a bad entourage and keeping too high of a profile. When you come to LA to try and build a personality and a brand, you subject yourself to more scrutiny. So OJ: tighten up that entourage if you want to be a big-time personality.

And Pat Forde suggesting USC should get the death penalty for this when all the investigations haven’t even taken place? What a nut. If we investigated all D-I schools we’d get the same results and nobody would have scholarships. Then we’d be left with a whole bunch of walk-ons, and you still would have people coming to watch their alma-maters play. And you know what, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

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  • SpinMax

    I actually think that OJ did wrong. He’s been asked many times about accepting gifts and he’s always
    lied. That right there shows that he knew it was wrong. He never should have been given eligibility in the 1st place.

    USC should be crushed because they knew Guillory was crooked from 2000 yet instead of booting him, they
    actually made him part of the program! They and the ncaa can’t possibly claim ignorance. The evidence is
    is obvious I have a hard time believing the NCAA investigated anything and instead just took USC’s word.
    They were both looking at the $$$ IMHO.

    Actually this is how I picture the investigation…

    NCAA: USC, I’m only going to ask you this one time…has OJ Mayo violated any of our amateur policies?

    USC: I can’t lie to you Dean Martin…I mean NCAA………..No he didn’t.

    NCAA: Well we’re satisfied!

  • JS

    Larry, you just hit one out of the park.

    Mayo made extremely poor decisions as to his acquaintances and one has to wonder how many of Bill Duffy Associates’ NBA clientele received cash and/or gifts while in high school and college.

    And USC (and other schools) should have better control over who has access to training facilities and sideline passes. Didn’t they learn anything from the Reggie Bush mess?

    SpinMax, your NCAA investigation scenario is good, how about this one:

    NCAA Suit #1: Anyone wonder how Reggie’s parents can afford to get to all those away games?

    NCAA Suit #2: Not while a record TV audience is watching him play at 1:00 am in New York.

    NCAA Suit #3: Wasn’t that a flat screen in O.J.’s dorm roon?

    NCAA Suit #4: No, that was a bulletin board with his class assignments on it. I can’t wait to match up USC with Kansas State in a prime time NCAA first round game.

    NCAA Suit #3: What about Michael Beasley going on Best Damn Sports Show and taking out his iPhone, Sidekick, LG and Blackberry?

    NCAA Suit #4: Well if some slimebag agent’s runner says he provided them then we’ll see about an investigation. Until then, shut your mouth.

  • Journey

    Honestly…Larry, do you think OJ cares if you like him or not? I am goin to say no for $200.00 & then I am going to donate the $200 that I just won, back to you, so that you can buy yourself some BUSINESS.

    SPINMAX-too easy-(your opinion doesn’t matter)

    JS-your 1-4 comments are horrible. not to mention you list # & 4 twice. However let’s make a rebuttal for each one.

    Here we go:

    NCAA Suit #1: No one wondered how his parents made it too away games…all Black parents are not broke…but nice try.

    NCAA Suit #2: No one asked or forced you to stay up & watch the game.

    NCAA Suit #3: 1st of all you misspelled ROOM. 2nd SO WHAT!!

    NCAA Suit #4: Once again you didn’t have to watch…next time go to sleep.

    NCAA Suit #3: Do you honestly think Beasley gives a flying WHOOT about what you think.

    NCAA Suit #4: DUDE…you should have played basketball!!

  • JS

    Journey, “NCAA Suits” are imaginary characters in a dialogue, the description being that NCAA officials wear suits (you know, with shirts and ties), not points to be made.

    I couldn’t care if Reggie Bush’s parents are purple, but THEY are the ones who kept putting their mugs on TV and boasting how they raised Reggie right despite being a family of modest means. THEIR words, not mine.

    By the way, we all know the subjects of our discussions don’t care what we think but obviously it’s very important to you.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Journey, if you couldn’t even understand JS’ comment, then your incoherent mess isn’t even worth responding to.