AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb steals the show


AJ McCarron played the game of his life to help Alabama crush Notre Dame 42-14 to win its second straight national championship and third in four years, but somehow it was his girlfriend, Katherine Webb, who stole the show on Monday night.

The Internet was first introduced to Webb around Christmas when she tweeted a photo of herself and McCarron together for the holiday. The photo sparked speculation that the two were dating. McCarron later confirmed to the media that Webb was his girlfriend, and it wasn’t long before we found out a few details about the young lady.

Webb graduated from rival school Auburn in 2011. She was crowned Miss Alabama USA a year later.

Webb headed to Miami to support her boyfriend during the BCS National Championship Game, but she had no clue what awaited her on Monday night.

With just over four minutes left in the first quarter and Alabama up 14-0, ESPN flashed to a shot of Webb in the stands along with McCarron’s mother, Dee Dee Bonner. All it took was 30 seconds on camera for Webb’s life to permanently change.

ESPN announcers Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit began drooling over the beauty queen:

ESPN later apologized for Musburger going “too far” with his comments about Webb.

“We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test. However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that,” ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys wrote on Twitter.

Webb found the praise to be complimentary.

“It was kind of nice,” Webb told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I didn’t look at it as creepy at all. For a woman to be called beautiful, I don’t see how that’s an issue.”

The shot of Webb sent thousands of people scrambling to the Internet to find out more about her. Athletes and regular fans began tweeting at her, her number of Twitter followers started to explode, and ESPN realized it had a golden commodity on its hands. The network began flashing to Webb more regularly during the game realizing it was a way to keep viewers interested during a blowout. That only fueled the interest in Webb, whose popularity soared.

Prior to the game, Webb had an estimated 2,200 Twitter followers. She added over 10,000 followers after the first time she was shown in the stands, and she was up to well over 100,000 followers after the game. The tweets at her were coming from all angles.

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett tried hitting on her. Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray tried to get her to switch allegiances. Webb even got a Twitter follow from LeBron James, who later unfollowed her.

Upon being informed after the game that King James had followed his girlfriend on Twitter, McCarron had a funny response.

“Seriously?! I’m going to Tweet him and I’m going to get a follow. That’s messed up,” he said, according to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage.

McCarron was pretty incredulous to find out that his girlfriend, in a matter of hours, had surpassed him in Twitter followers (he had over 87,000 at the time of this publishing). Yes, his girlfriend surpassed him in Twitter followers even though he threw for 264 yards and four touchdowns. Things usually don’t work out that way.

The good news is McCarron says he’s not jealous of the celebrity status Webb received during the game.

“I’m not the jealous type. I know she’s good looking. … I’m the one who’s blessed,” he said per SI.com’s Andy Staples.

Webb added well over 100,000 Twitter followers in a few hours, and she became one of the hottest search topics on the Internet. Check out this visual representation of how search traffic for her exploded on Monday (via Darren Rovell):

katherine webb search engine chart

The funny thing is while Webb was blowing up on the Internet, she had no idea how famous she was becoming; she told reporter Chris Pollone after the game that her phone died. He says she was stunned to learn about her newfound fame.

After the game was over, matters ended just about the best way possible — Webb and McCarron shared a celebratory kiss:

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GCXGUTBGASI55I4L6BRZ7GX3I4 BAUER124

    Yes she is beautiful but there is millions of girl like this every place.

  • williered

    She is obviously very attractive and served as a good diversion from a very boring, over hyped game.

  • SusieQ275

    Musburger and Herbstreit were way out of line as professional sportscasters. It was sickening listening to the way they talking aboput this Young lady. I don’t know how old Herbstreit is , but Musburger is old enough to be her Grandfather. It was disgusting and done in poor taste. He needs to get a grip when broadcaasting sports. People don’t tune into the games to listen to old men talk inappropriately about young women.

  • DenJedan

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  • Alfred Hernandez

    Yes Mr. Furburger and Herbstriet should not let that type of attention taken away from the game.  Yes she is good looking, but there are alot of good looking people in the stands, she just happens to be known.  DID ANYBODY SEE JOHNNY FOOTBALLS GIRLFRIEND?

  • moog98

    Nice way to use a football game as part of her publicity platform for Miss USA and Miss Universe 2013.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3NITI5PFGOL6EZH6APLJJDBKOU sanders0906

    seriously you’re part of what’s wrong with this…. why and when should it ever be wrong for a person of any age to say someone else is beautiful. You act if they put their hand up her skirt or something….. it was a compliment and downright shallow of you for making a big deal out of it.

  • Palin13

    Better then watching ND. Should of been watching the Ducks vs Bama.

  • SusieQ275

    No Sanders0906 I am not part of what is wrong. Yes she is a beautiful girl, you would have to be an idiot not to see that. The problem isn’t that he called her beautiful, the problem is that he went on and on and on about it. He just didn’t know when to stop. He crossed the line as a Professional sportscaster. It was everything else that he said after the comment on how beautifu she was. I’m not the shallow one here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.hines.545 Matt Hines

    Dead wrong, this old old man made a remark way out of line. I have a young daughter and if someone’s grandfather said what Musburger said he would have heard from me fast or any self respecting person. Women are not objects especially to be googled at by old man trying to act like pervs. That is sick

  • Mac Silva

    It was sickening reading your comment. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bensle Ben Selby

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have a problem with what was said??

  • myplaceoryours

    Musberger “What a Babe that McCarron girlfriend”

    Producer(scrambling):” WT*”, frantically signaling to broadcasting booth, “cut Musberger’s mic, cap the scotch, get a pot of coffee go*Dam*it”
                                            (to Herbstreit’s headset) “I know you want 1st billing, but I ever see you keep refilling Brent’s empty glass again I’m     replacing you with Erin Andrews!!”

    Musberger again, “That Momma’s hot too” (mic silenced) “pregame introductions with hugs were a dream come true”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RYSHBGRAZBQJ4BZDNIXGXT7MWU Marilyn

    well here’s a thought, espn: quit putting the cameras on her.  with the game already getting out of hand and conversation lacking your camera crew kept going back to her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.spada.14 Andy Spada

    What is this crap, more politically correct B. S. Again, come on people get a grip. She’s Miss Alabama, probably going to have a good career, Musberger just has good taste, like most of who thought so. There’s a lot more problems in this country that blowing up just because someone made a remark that is true

  • Grape4

    Frankly, the most distasteful element of any ESPN sports broadcast is having to listen to Brent Musburger…lot of meaningless babble and must not be able to see the field or monitor. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T34BF3KYJ6U3QZ4RPYRH6JG4GI John

    The disaster called Notre Dame is what prompted this.  There are a lot of “babes” in the stands at every game, but when the action on the field is worth watching, you don’t have to find something to keep the viewers tuned in.  Think Texas-USC or superbowls like Patriots-Giants.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/66TLIIY3YTRURKGSER5YQZ2HDE Michael Siler

    I dont see a problem with what he said. Their comments were more interesting than the game itself. What a waste of a spot Notre Dame was.

  • Clint Cheshire


  • Baron Kahle

    The announcers were trying their best to make this sham of a mismatch look interesting. The Notre Dame coach could have at made the game look more interesting if he had not brought such an ill prepared team. If they had half the passion they had toward the California teams it would at least looked like a contest on the field. No slight against Alabama but ND played their worst game of the year. Yes, Saban was the better coach who made sure his team was at its top level of performance for such an important event. Lucky for him, though, A&M didn’t get a rematch against the Tide like they were granted against LSU the previous season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Buddy-Wilcox/100002010736895 Buddy Wilcox

    Enough with the political correct BS

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CIFIRANRCN5XG3YKDZH4UAOLXI SYSENGR1

    Lol, she’s no Kate Webb that’s for sure. Not even in the same stratosphere.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SLZ7F4PAKVNBT5GMIWFSRD5XRE George

    His Mom is pretty good looking too!

  • oldereyes

    Musberger is a complete idiot … although he does know a beautiful face when he sees one.

  • oldereyes

     Hysterical comment !

  • jaymaddog

    Amazing that someone would think this game was boring. I don’t know of any Alabama fan that thought so.  Also amazing that if it were YOUR team that won by 28 pts, you’d think it was the greatest game of all time.

  • oldereyes

     Acting like overgrown teenagers is part of the modern sportscaster shtick.  Haven’t you heard Dan Patrick going on about Britney Spears?  Unfortunately for our society, there are a lot of people that see nothing wrong with adolescent behavior in our celebs.

  • 848484


  • Kooliad

    dood ( Baron ) A&M had 2 losses no way you play for BCS with 2 losses. Come on be for real learn the game before you go and talk.other teams only had one lost that was ahead of A&M. THINK

  • http://www.facebook.com/gerald.anderson3 Gerald Anderson

    Life is delt to you, so the way you deal with it should be a positive to yourself & those around you.  I enjoyed her beauty, his qb skills & the free speach of the communicators, I see no problem.. It should have been Oregon & Alabama.. Go Ducks!!!

  • http://www.949local.com/ Jim Froling

    Notre Dame was getting blown away.  Millions of viewers switching to Jeopardy reruns.  SOMEONE had to do SOMETHING to keep viewers tuned in.  So Musburger stepped up and stated the obvious: this is a beautiful woman.  It worked for me as I stayed tuned in, for awhile anyway.

    Ms. Webb is an attractive young woman, no question about it.  So is my daughter and I’m not offended when people compliment her beauty.  Indeed I am grateful and humbled.  And I thank God that she got her mother’s good looks!Everyone just breathe.  And get over it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.ortega.142 Steve Ortega

    What makes La Queen Jane think that this good-looking white woman is going to want with his old bald-headed ass? Get your hair transplant finished so you don”t look your age,35yrs old.

  • CryoHead

    do you live in Shagrala

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4ICSILPWW35DHN6U2OYWJFR5VE wmsy

    susieQ275: You must be some worn out make a freight train take a dirt road ugly. No one  would say that about and you are jealous.  Buck uip  and GET OVER IT. He diden’t say , look at those hooters or I’d like to get in her pants. It’s a shame no one will say the same of you.

  • cbd58

    Everybody getting on Brent Musburger should lighten up.  The game was turning into a rout, the camera focused in on AJ  McCarron’s girlfriend and he made some entertaining comments.  If people think he was drooling, than they have the bad thoughts in their minds.   He made the comments as a joke and partly because Kirk Herbstreit was a quarterback.

  • melungeontn

    AJ has a big head already and the comments from the announcers just added icing on his crown. As far as his beauty queen the comments went alittle far.  She might be pretty but her boyfriend didn’t look real pretty when he got into it with his teammate.  If I was the coach then those two guys would be sitting the rest of the game on the bench. It would be different if they were losing but they were winning so why act the way they did.  Maybe the comments should be more on this than the girl in the stands.  I WAS an Alabama fan until last night …….

  • sooner1mike


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D5D7BXNJUYP75CTXVS5ARPN5LY kevin

    i thought Brett’s comments were within good taste. he said pretty girl and that all the quarterbacks get the pretty ladies, so throw the ball around with your father and you can have a pretty lady too. NOT JUST THAT ONE. He did not say he wished to see her in a swimsuit again or anything of the sort. Society jumps on this incident but can as over the top, but can allow speaking of unnatural realtions as normal. Brtt, you did well.

  • FreeJeffDubay

     Go back to watching the Bachelor because that’s the closest you’ll get to a good looking guy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003656867603 John Hawkins

    Was the game a blowout, yes.  Were Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit trying to keep the audience, yes.  Did they cross the line…absolutely.  I expect ESPN to address this and address this swiftly and definitively.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D2XGQYRC4XCHJJWXS24PTAGXJQ The Uncle Tony

    Anyone check to make sure she is not a he in drag yet? I’m a criminalpgy PhD and have been Texas Ranger since birth. Just a question and I am not saying she is a he. I have seen a lot though in my life and seen a great number of past jail queens be great cross dressors after tthey get out of the joint. And in case she IS a woman I am wrong, she isn’t stunning but sure could use some real breasts. She or he obviously wants to be the center of attention so maybe a “D” size work better to get the attention this person is in search of. ROFLOL! Same type as the women I was with for 27 years. Always wanted to be the center of attention so I said the hell with it left and gave her size “D” hooters to get even with her.  Who says Doctors can’t win in divorces! I still have more than my share of sexier women want to date me or sex me. I just wish the stupid ghetto black whores would leave me alone as I date mostly white as I am white also. Karma can be a MotherFKR! The honesty hurts huh? And the women I gave boobs to still misses it (no stupid – my penis!) The other women love it! =)~

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/D2XGQYRC4XCHJJWXS24PTAGXJQ The Uncle Tony

    “Yes Virginina there is a GOD!

  • MtMoxie

    Herbstreit said little or nothing! Musburger just said the obvious! Remember the song that said “you have to be a football hero to belong to a beautiful girl”? Plus she is/was Miss Alabama! She is hardly not prepared for recognition of her looks. She said no problem, so why is it anyones problem?

  • niceyoungman

    If you actually go back and listen to the comments, it was much more about AJ McCarron than it was about his girlfriend. He said “you quarterbacks get all the beautiful women, what a beautiful woman” and that was pretty much it. Then it shifted to “you young boys go throw the ball around with your dad and maybe you can get a nice girlfriend too.” Don’t be such a bitter feminist. I realize that there are a lot more documented cases of perverts today because of social media and what not and it’s a shame when truly sick things happen, but this was nothing more than some guys stating the obvious (like you said) and basically being complimentary. Webb said she was even flattered and didn’t feel the comments were in poor taste, and neither should you. And no offense, but the reason ESPN had to make a public apology to Webb are because of people like you who make a big deal out of stuff like this. If you were in charge of the world and made it a crime for people to say things like this I wonder if or how people would ever get married or even date. It’s a sad world we live in when we have to make apologies for stuff like this.

  • James Rowe

    They didn’t play their worst game, they just played they best against a team that has better players and better coaching, they were kinda the big fish in a little pond coming off that weak schedule…

  • James Rowe

    Bah!  Emasculated men’s opinions can’t be counted in this subject area.

  • mustafamaximus

    I’m sure if ESPN had panned the crowd, they would have found hundreds of beautiful,young,middle aged,and older, women, but it was a football game I wanted to see. One picture of her was fine,but was enough.

  • nedmorlef

    99% of comments i’ve read on 4 different websites are all positive. so who’s complaining ? the gays and feminists? remember they’re the ones that re elected the lowest rated congress and president in History! I wouldn’t put much confidence into their opinions. However ole’ Musburger may be unemployed as a sacrifice to the lowest common denominator. I guess he knows how Jimmy felt.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/32K47X37WVVEO42XWDU7NRWZLM John

    Your ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with this.  They were talking about her and were making jokes of it.  If they stood there and talked about how hot she was and continued then I would agree, but this wasnt the case.  Its because of people like you where everything that a person says has to be carefully thought out not to “offend” anyone.  Itf you dont like what they were saying change the channel, never listen to them again, but stop being so critical of everything.  ALL they did was say she was a beautiful lady (not a lie) and that Quarterbacks get all the beautiful ladies (again not a lie) then crack a joke that boys in Alabama go play QB…  Stop being so uptight about everything and let people be people.. geesh!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/32K47X37WVVEO42XWDU7NRWZLM John

    you want to talk about someone crossing the line as a professional sportscaster… go crucify Bob Costas for using his position to push his beliefs about Gun laws.. not 2 men for saying a woman is Beautiful! Get a girp with reality… if this is what your pissed about then you need a new life!