Bobby Petrino Too Scared to Play Texas

I think this story slipped by nearly everyone, well, with the exception of The Wiz and my man Arnie Spanier at Sporting News Radio. According to the Austin Statesman, Arkansas called over to Texas to ask about canceling their scheduled game for ’09, the back end of a home-and-home series. The teams will meet this coming season in Austin, a home game for Texas, but Bobby Petrino’s backing out of the game in ’09. One has to wonder why Arkansas would cancel a future home game against a notable opponent, but the answer became clear: Bobby Petrino is a manipulative weenie when it comes down to it.

Apparently Arkansas will begin playing Texas A&M in the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium in Arlington beginning in ’09, scoring a major payday for each team. The paper says Arkansas does not want to have both Texas and Texas A&M on their non-conference schedule in the same season. I think we saw this season that having a creampuff schedule is the way to go these days in college football, given the success of Kansas and Ohio State to name a few. I could easily understand it if coaches tell their ADs to start scheduling patsies in the future. But to come right out and ask to cancel a game with a tough opponent? That spells wussie, chicken, puss, whatever you can think of. Certainly seems like Bobby Petrino’s M.O, so I can’t really say I’m surprised.

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  • SpinMax

    Tell us how weak Ohio State’s out of conference schedule is in 7 months when they play at USC. Or in 09 against USC. Or 05 and 06 against Texas. That’s a top 2 ranked opponent out of conference 4 out of 5 years. The only reason Ohio State’s schedule was without a tough OOC opponent in 07 is because at the last minute they had to settle for 08-09 for their matchups with USC instead of 07-08. It was too late to schedule another top team and they were forced to settle for an in-state cupcake which is pushed on them by the state legislature.

  • Chris

    Is it not enough in ’09 that the piggies will play A&M, South Carolina, Alabama, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State? I think you’re wrong on this one Larry.

  • BenBrown

    If we lost to both schools in the same season do you know what that would do to our recruiting in TX? I know by comments he has made to the media and to coaches he has hired he has big plans for recruiting TX. It would be foolish to take such a chance and hurt recruiting for years to come. We have FL, GA, AUB, LSU, and AL on schedule for that year and he’s afraid to play TX? We still might have the hardest schedule in college football in ’09-’10.

  • Nick

    I disagree with you Larry. With that said, I don’t understand why we would take Texas off the schedule because there is nothing to be afraid of there anyway. Texas is just another mid sec team.

    The two best conferences in football are the SEC and NFL!

  • JR

    This is just another chance for a hack journalist to bash Petrino. Games get canceled all the time, and if Larry would have actually looked at the schedule he would have seen it as a fairly reasonable thing to do. Forget the fact that Texas has recently canceled games with Arkansas in both basketball and baseball. I don’t remember any poorly written stories published about those. These kinds of things just happen sometimes.

  • Clay

    Can’t all this useless Bobby Petrino bashing just stop?

  • RC

    I think you are completely off base on this one Larry. After researching this because it doesn’t appear you went into enough depth, it looks as the Arkansas’ series with Texas A&M caused a 13th game on the schedule of the Razorbacks which isn’t allowed by the NCAA. Being that the Razorbacks already have a muderous schedule that year they asked for movement of the Texas game. Texas did not have to agree to it but they did. This is just the way that college football scheduling works. It’s all business. The game will be played but to call Petrino a chicken etc. makes no sense at all if you look at the teams they will be playing. Lighten up there pal!!

  • Jim Johnson

    Your language is inappropriate and despicable. I love how how hypocrisy knows no end. You talk of Petrino and his character and all you can do is resort to name calling.

  • Johnny B. Goode

    Wow, you have really brought on the wrath of the Arkansas fans, haha. I had no idea there were so many people in Arkansas that could read and write, much less that owned computers.

  • Tim Smith

    You have got to be kidding me. I do not understand why all of you sportswriter genuises, who have never stepped on a football field other than to interview an athlete or a coach, want to keep bad mouthing Bobby Petrino. He is an excellent coach, who took a shot at the NFL, and unfortunately for him got put into one of the worst possible situations with the Falcons. It didn’t work, so he decided to do what was best for him, go back to college. The funny thing that most of you idiots always seem to forget is that he took a PAY CUT of over $2 million dollars. He obviously didnt do it for the money.
    Unlike the schedule that Texas has year in and year out, playing in the SEC means that you are going to have tough games week in and week out. It is almost impossible to go undefeated in the SEC, yet every year the SEC seems to beat the crap out of some Big 10 team in the National Championship game. Makes you wonder. If I were Coach Petrino or any other coach that had to go through an SEC schedule each season, I would probably try to schedule Arkansas State, Tulsa, and schools like that as often as I could, just so I could have a couple of guaranteed wins. Get off his back.

  • RB

    Does it bother you that someone who shares your name is one of the best coaches in NBA history, meanwhile you are a blogger who still uses the word ‘weenie’?

  • TJ

    Well, you aren’t completely accurate in your statements. Arkansas doesn’t want to cancel anything. They want to reschedule the game because playing both aTm and texas in the same season on top of what will be UGA, Florida, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama will be overboard. No one plays a schedule like that. Ever. And nowhere does it say that Petrino even had anything to do with decision.

    The fact that Arkansas doesn’t want to play 7 BCS heavyweights in the same season isn’t cowardice, it’s logic.

    And once again, Arkansas isn’t backing out canceling, or getting scared of Texas. They want to reschedule the game. And if you were half the “reporter” you think you are, you would understand that this is a very good move by the University of Arkansas, and will help Petrino in the rebuilding process. Just the way you can’t build a house in a hail storm, rebuilding a program under the weight of that schedule is too much to ask of anyone.

  • Zoey

    The game is being pushed back to 2014. The UA is over the 12 game limit for 2009.

    When does Mikey Vick get out of prison?

  • KGR

    Get your facts correct. It was postponed not canceled. How many girls schools do Notre Dame, Ohio State and Penn State play?

  • Mark

    “Wow, you have really brought on the wrath of the Arkansas fans, haha. I had no idea there were so many people in Arkansas that could read and write, much less that owned computers.”

    Excellent…you are going to take that posture then demonstr4ate a complete inability to use the English language yourself? This is priceless! How does one wordsmith something as moronic as, “…much less that owned computers?”

    Let this Arkansan assist you, since you are ill equipped at handling the English language. Let us examine the sad evidence you provided.

    “…so many people in Arkansas THAT could read and write…”

    Where did you get an education…Mississippi? You misuse and overuse the word, ‘that.’ If you were remotely as intelligent as you assume, then you would have adequately stated:

    “…so many people in Arkansas WHO could read and write…”

    As you kin folk probably say to you on a daily basis, “don’t try to bring it if ya ain’t got it to begin with, junior.”

    RGo back to your daily routine of being a meaningless taint. Larry, while I’m on the subject, you are an uninformed douche bag. I love quoting the classics!!!

  • http://Hogville.net ronmahony

    Afraid of Texas, If we were afraid we’d back out this year with new coaches and pretty much a new team. He proablly asked to back out, and UT agreed to, because we need to find some real competion

  • Frank

    His comment was inappropriate, Mark, but I count several instances of misspellings and incorrect grammar in your post. (the …’s are misused, RGo?, ain’t ain’t a word, several of the things you point out are actually grammatically correct with his post, use of grammatically incorrect pejoratives, etc.) A little like the pot calling the kettle black there, I am afraid. I am certain that I make my fair share of mistakes as well, but it would be wise to just point out someone for being an ass, and not try to pick apart their grammar/spelling/etc. unless one is a Harvard English professor and isn’t prone to making such mistakes himself. (or herself)

  • Mark

    I type fast. Typing is not reflective of proper grammer and the proper use of the language, Frank.

  • Mark

    Ooops…I meant grammar. See what I mean?

  • Frank

    I only pointed out one instance of a misspelled word, I believe. Really, it doesn’t matter, as I completely understood what he had to say and I completely understood what you had to say. (He never even mentioned grammar in his post anyway, but the ability to read.) Clearly he was just being an ass, but I just have a visceral reaction when someone is being a grammar and/or spelling Nazi when the intent of a post is not in question. (If he had been using broken English or misspelling every other word then it might have been different.) In any event, I apologize, it was just a knee jerk reaction to post what I did because I see it so much.

  • http://www.hogville.net Lars

    Larry, quit with the venom, bro. All this hate will just tear you up on the inside; It’s not healthy.

  • Dan

    All of your Arkansas fans whining about the unfair treat of that quitter Petrino stop it. Fact is he had been trying to get ouy of UL for 2 yeasr before he left, then left the Falcons with 3 games to go. Now the big quitter doenst want to play UT in the same season as A & M? Get over it. If he is such the great coach this should help Arkansas. It just goes to prove the point that Petrino is a friggin piece off crap. USC always schedules tough and isnt afrain to go to least coast. Colorado plays tough schools and inst afraid. It seems to me its a quitter Petrino and a SEC thing no to play tough teams!

  • http://none Mia

    Dan…. Well, it looks like it will be you that will have to get over it. Stop your whining and a grow a pair..

  • Chris

    Colorado!!!!! LOL!!!!!! They got beat by a 3-9 team Iowa State last year. Find a better team than that.

  • SECRuler

    Larry doesn’t do his research. If he did, he would realize that schedules are done years in advance and change all the time. Arkansas had 12 games scheduled in ’09, when the opportunity to play Texas A&M in the new Jerry Jones Stadium arose. A guaranteed $5 million for that game makes it a priority. What Larry doesn’t realize, is that ALL of Arkansas’ ’09 non-conference opponents were contacted about moving their games, not just Texas. Texas is just the one that “OK’d” a change first. There is nobody backing out of a game. Changing the year is not running from anything. If Arkansas was scared of Texas, they would try to opt out of the game NEXT SEASON. That game will be played, simply because there are only 12 games scheduled. The Hogs have a 4 game stretch of Texas, Alabama, Florida and Auburn. They are really ducking competition, aren’t they? How’s that run for a new coach implementing a new system? Why did Arkansas not get out of the ’08 game? Oh, yeah, because there are 0nly 12 games scheduled. The A&M series starts in ’09 AFTER the new Cowboys stadium is complete.

    FYI, Arkansas has beaten Texas 2 of the last 3. The one Texas won was given to them. I don’t think Arkansas is afraid of Texas. LOL.

    And to truly make you look like a tard, all this was in the works before Petrino was even hired. He has nothing to do with it.

  • Doug

    Colorado, Dan? Colorado? This ain’t intramurals brother, it’s the SEC.

  • Mike

    “weenie”, “wussie, chicken, puss”??? What are you Larry, a 4th-grader? Idiotic, childish drivel like this doesn’t deserve to be published, but I guess that since you decided to leave out many facts that didn’t support your case, you had to fill the space with something.

  • http://guttylittlebruins.com blackjack

    EDSBS gave Petrino Best Actor in a Leading Role for this performance:

    “Trust me.”

    Maybe he wants the Texas job?

  • Tra

    Larry, bro, 1-800-charter. If you want to be taken seriously, do your research before you post such idiotic “literature”. As far as Coach Petrino being a “weenie”, you deal with a Vick, Hall or all of the other thugs he had to deal with. I wouldn’t doubt if he wasn’t concerned for his own life being in that shithole city. Bottom line is, you’re stupid and should get a job at Target, not in the sporting goods section, but in the womens clothing section…. would serve you better. And also, if the next great ball coach was scared, then why would the home game be postponed and not the one in Austin? Would he not rather play the one at home if he was scared in any way? The only team in the lil’ 12 worth an SEC calibur rating is Oklahoma…. Texas creeps by other weak opponents and gets more credit than deserved because they are UT. Keep up the shitty work, and start practicing how to measure over weight women for cheap bras. Good luck in rehab.

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  • Jack

    As has been stated already many times, Bobby Petrino and the UofA did NOT “back out of” anything.

    Since you apparently can’t count to 13, or aren’t familiar with NCAA rules concerning number of games allowed in a single season, several people have spelled it out for you.

    The University of Texas and Mack Brown aren’t something to be feared by SEC teams and as much as Razorback fans love to play Texas, I can give you 5 MILLION reasons to “move” that game to make room f0r the Aggies of A&M.

    Additionally, calling Bobby Petrino the names that you did makes you appear like the second (or third) rate hack that you truely are. Next time why not do a little research before applying pen to paper/fingers to a computer? That way you don’t end up looking like an ass-clown.

  • JB

    Just curious Lair, Where did you come up with your info on this one?

  • JB

    Oh, That’s right, you got it second-hand “from someone who heard it from someone.” ……and you’re like the stupid one who follows stupid ones?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Let me ask you all a question you still haven’t answered, why move the game against Texas instead of one of the other non-conference games if there were too many games on the schedule? Any coincidence it’s because Texas is the toughest opponent? I think not.

  • JB

    Larry, Go back and read SECRuler’s post. Perhaps it will answer your question.

  • http://www.hogville.net Lars

    They asked all their non-conference opponents to reschedule; Texas was just the first (and until now only) team that accepted.

  • Uncle Ivan

    God apparently wasted a perfectly good dick when he put ears on ol’ Larry Brown here.

  • Jeff in Little Rock

    You’re an idiot. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading this. Research before you write.

    I’ll hang up and listen.

  • Someone who put more than 3 seconds into research before they posted on the internet


    Our ’09 schedule will be the #1 toughest schedule in the country with or without Texas. We’re not afraid.

  • Dick Zinya

    “Larry, Go back and read SECRuler’s post. Perhaps it will answer your question.”

    apparently larry can’t read OR write.

  • Randle Reece

    Who is Larry Brown? The NBA coach? The Cowboys cornerback? The Steelers lineman? The late author? No, the LA media weasel. Yawn.