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Monday, May 21, 2018

Desmond Howard: Woody Hayes Would Have Punched Jim Tressel in the Throat

Last month Desmond Howard was angering Michigan fans with some of his comments. Now he’s doing more of the same to Ohio State fans. In an interview with the Omaha World-Herald via Sporting News, Howard said Woody Hayes would be embarrassed by Jim Tressel’s actions at Ohio State.

“If Woody Hayes was around now, I’m thinking he would grab Jim Tressel by the collar and punch him in the throat,” Howard told the World-Herald. “Because what he has done to that program, it’s just embarrassing.”

Howard didn’t stop there. He also said that Ohio State’s actions tarnished the clean, wholesome, Midwest morals image of the Big Ten. To which we say what about the violations and questionable recruiting by Rich Rodriguez at Michigan?

Howard believes that players selling merchandise is irrelevant and shouldn’t be a crime, and he thinks the NCAA should review its rules. He also is disappointed about what happened with Ohio State because he wants to beat his opponent’s best.

As for the point that Hayes would have punched Jim Tressel in the throat, I imagine it would have been a right to the collarbone:

I’m also guessing there are several Buckeyes fans who will want to go Phil Simms on Desmond now.

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