Why Did Campus Police Director Call Off 1998 Jerry Sandusky Investigation?

The number of alleged sexual abuse victims of Jerry Sandusky reportedly now numbers 20. The amount of abuse counts he reportedly will face is in the 40s. Given the depth and breadth of his alleged sexual abuse of children over at least a 15-year period, why didn’t we know about it earlier, and why wasn’t it stopped earlier? Those are some of the most important questions to ponder.

Based on the grand jury presentment, we know that the first alleged assault by Sandusky that was reported to police occurred in 1998.

Sandusky had taken a child to work out and essentially forced the 11-year-old boy to shower with him after their workout, even though the child was not sweaty. The boy says Sandusky forced him to shower next to him even though he didn’t want to. He says he was bear-hugged by Sandusky in the shower.

When the boy was dropped off at home, his mother questioned him about his wet hair. She called University Police to report the incident.

The grand jury presentment says a lengthy investigation was conducted by the University Police — led by detective Ronald Shreffler. The county’s district attorney decided there would not be criminal charges, even though Sandusky admitted to an investigator he had hugged the child in the shower while acknowledging the behavior was wrong. The investigation included a second child that experienced nearly the same thing as the first child.

Clearly a pattern was established that Sandusky had done this with two children. Why wasn’t he charged for the reported incidents in 1998? Why did the University Police director, Thomas Harmon, tell the detective to close the investigation?

The answer to these important questions may point to the beginnings of where a school-wide cover-up to protect the image of the football program began. But before we make that charge, we must know why the investigation was closed and why they didn’t charge Jerry Sandusky — a decision that resulted in countless other children allegedly being abused.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    All great points LB. This puke who ran that part of the school cared more about his job and the legacy of JoePA and the football team resulting in his negligence. He should also be charged with perjury.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I just want to know who knew about this. Did the athletic department, did the football department, did JoePa? If so, they’ve been covering it up since ’98. But it’s possible they did not. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1254392384 Josh Truax

    There’s a conspiracy theory making the rounds on the intertubes and talk radio, to the effect that [1] Paterno’s regime was never as virtuous and clean as it was made out to be, and [2] Sandusky, having been with the program over 20 years prior to his first brush with the law, knew this and basically used that knowledge to blackmail Paterno and the others into silence – as in, “Don’t turn me in or cut me off, or I’ll go all Nevin Shapiro on your ass.” Someone who has valued his public image as much as Paterno did would have made the perfect target for that kind of blackmail.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_54DVRSKH4FPQHO47PKL4JM6BMA christina32

    I don’t know if this is just media hype or not. If this kind of stuff was covered up and allowed to happen over and over again all for the name of saving the image of a football program……PATHETIC.  Thats like a pig trying to claim to be a stallion by throwing on some perfume. If your going to be honorable then be honorable and stand up for the innocent. When I say this, I’m not judging all those who are related to the college just the ones responsible for not bringing this issue to light sooner. In fact, I wouldn’t even judge penn state in general at all, just certain individuals they need to kick to the curb.