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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Jerry Sandusky Recent Dinner with Alleged Victim Was Monitored by Police

You may recall hearing about Jerry Sandusky’s plan of defense against multiple charges of sexual abuse. Sandusky’s attorney boasted that the former Penn State coach recently had dinner with one of the alleged victims. They’re friends you see! How could there be abuse when they’re buddies who still hang out?

Well so much for that defense.

The Patriot-News reported Friday that the person identified in the grand jury presentment as Victim 6 was invited to have dinner with Jerry Sandusky last summer. Here’s the thing: the victim alerted police about the dinner, and he was actually asked to wear an electronic listening device. He declined because he was nervous, but he reported back to police about the dinner. Got that?

So Sandusky’s defense attorney thinks his client having dinner with one of the victims was a sign that the two still have a good relationship. It’s clear that the victim felt differently. In fact, ABC News is reporting that all eight alleged victims will testify against Sandusky.

Additionally, the dinner, and any other contact with the victims since the investigation began, can be considered tampering.

Witness tampering in the state of Pennsylvania is defined as any act with the intent to intimidate a witness or victim to “refrain from reporting a crime, withhold or give false or misleading information, or to ignore or evade requests for information or a summons.”

Under state penal codes, witness tampering is considered equal to the most serious offense a defendant is charged with.

So, how you feeling now, Sandusky and attorney? That’s what I thought.

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