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Friday, April 20, 2018

Les Miles Told Jordan Jefferson to Spike the Ball, Then Lied About it

We’ve already covered the Les Miles/LSU screw up to end the Ole Miss game at great lengths. If his mistakes weren’t enough, even google was picking on him calling him an idiot. But making matters worse is that Les Miles lied after the game, denying that the coaches instructed quarterback Jordan Jefferson to spike the ball with one second left. This video proves that Miles lied and that the coaches wanted Jefferson to spike it:

Not fessing up to your mistake after the game is understandable — nobody wants to admit they’re an idiot. But to pass to blame onto your quarterback is flat out disgraceful. I’m glad we have video proof that Miles is the one to blame, not Jefferson, because it properly assigns responsibility. Miles and the LSU coaches were an embarrassment for all coaches everywhere and now we have undeniable proof of their idiocy. Maybe next time Les will learn to tell the truth. I thought he already knew about the importance of doing so.

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