Marshall Faulk on College Players Taking Money: I Would, Too

Former St. Louis Rams star and future Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk answered a few questions about Pete Carroll and the USC sanctions recently at the Jim Mora Celebrity Golf Tournament.  He raised what I think is a valid point when talking about how penalties like the ones USC is facing have a huge effect on the school’s players but the coaches get to walk away with nothing but a hit to their legacy.  Here’s what Faulk had to say, courtesy of Pro Football Talk via SeattlePI.com:

I love Pete, and I’m not quite sure how they’re gonna turn out, but I’m sick and tired of seeing programs get in trouble, and coaches can move on, but the players at USC can’t go to bowl games,” Faulk told Jim Moore of SeattlePI.com.  “There’s got to be some accountability and responsibility.  I’m not just blaming Pete; I’m talking about guys in that situation. . . .

Couldn’t agree with Faulk more here.  While Pete Carroll is raking in millions in Seattle for however long he lasts, the players who committed to USC either have to alter their plans dramatically and change schools, or accept the fact that they can’t play in a bowl game.  What’s the worst that can happen to Carroll?  He gets called a cheater and everyone moves on.

Another interesting topic Faulk hit on was the concept of players like Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo accepting money while they’re in college.

Heck yeah, I would have taken it,” Faulk told Moore.  “I’m not gonna lie to you, there’s no doubt about it.”

“Nah, I went to San Diego State,” Faulk said. “Other than good weather, they didn’t have much to offer me, unfortunately. I wish I’d gone to a bigger program and had them slide me some cash to take care of my family, but that wasn’t the case.”

While it’s certainly not morally correct, Faulk is being honest and you can’t blame him for that.  These are 17, 18, and 19-year-old kids who for the most part have never had any type of significant money in their pockets.  When someone you trust with your future says take this money, you don’t question it.

Marshall Faulk says he would have taken money in college [Pro Football Talk]
Mora has moved on from Seahawks, hits the links [SeattlePI.com]

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  • EASportsInDaGame

    There is accountability. What he means is that the coach should be accountable instead of the institution. Which should happen. The NCAA should ban cheat Carroll from coaching in the NCAA for a couple years.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He is lucky he didn’t play for a bigger program otherwise he’d be persona non grata like Bush is at USC now.

  • Dan Guasp

    the whole concept of college sports is ridiculous – these young kids/players make millions of dollars for the schools. they should be paid by the school in addition to getting their education for free.

  • Brad O’Neill

    wow how irresponsible of faulk to say that about taking money. doesnt he realize there are kids watching and his ok on the matter may push them the wrong way.

  • Fred

    ‘Morally correct’ ?

    Is it ‘morally correct’ to build a business around an athlete and profit from him or her? And PLEASE don’t give me the line of ‘but they get a free education’, get over that, 80+% of football players are in ‘school’ to prepare for the NFL and NBA, and after that ‘other sports’ athletes are generally there for the education.
    And don’t tell me football and basketball pays for the other sports – it doesn’t – TV contracts do. There IS a difference.

    Is it ‘morally correct’ to NOT allow athletes to have jobs off-season? Or even DURING season? (not that they could do one, but can you BAN them from one?)

    Is it ‘morally correct’ for an athlete to knock up his girlfriend (or wife, for that matter) and not be able to provide ANYTHING for his family?
    (and don’t give me the tired line of ‘they should have waited’, that’s not reality, folks).

    Is it ‘morally correct’ to force athletes into workouts at 6-7AM AND regular practices/workouts during the same day AS WELL AS expect them to maintain good grades?

    Is it ‘morally correct’ for a coach to make his star QB do extra reps in practice because HE COULD NOT AFFORD A SPORT COAT TO ATTEND A BOWL GAME DINNER in? (thank you JIM TRESSEL. Sincerely, Terrelle Pryor)

  • boogiedownbronx

    o.k. a four year scholarship to a div. 1 swchool doesnt mean anything anymore? i wish i could have gone to a school like usc or san diego stae,but mister know it all faulk would have taken the money,it doesnt surprise me about faulk.when he was with the colts he classlessly got himself traded to another team.so for all the people thinking faulk is hot stuff,look up his career and you’ll see a diva.

  • bronx new york

    fred,1. you attend the univ. and you play for the school.2.athletes can have a job,i doubt they would deny them a part time job.3.wear a condom or tell her to use protection,one or the other.4.its called hard work.5. i doubt if pryor couldn’t make it to a banquet cause he didnt have a sport coat,thats non sense,maybe because it wasnt versace thats his problem.so stop makin excuses,please you sound just like a loser.you have to earn and think correctly to make it in this world.so no more lame ass excuses.

  • The Wilk

    You have to admit, they are all ghetto hoods! Criminal thoughts and behavior are in their blood!

  • tom

    I agree with “The Wilk”, enough said!

  • http://4leafc 4leafc

    Is it morally correct to do what you say you will do? Is it morally correct to lie and say I will play by the rules, and then don’t? Fred has given us a great argument to gut NCAA football of a large percentage of the “student athletes” and let them start there own farm league like baseball has. The focus here should not be on a young man who, according to Fred doesn’t want to be in school to begin with. It should be on the academic institutions who existed long before the corruption that has become college football existed. The institutions make this world a much better place to live. These so called student athletes dishonor the institutions and the real students.

  • Mark

    Marshal Faulk, was, is, and always will be a cry-baby, opportunist, loser.

    He cares about nothing and no-one but himself. His team, and his team mates are only there to protect, and service him.

    He is destined to a retirement that is as sad, and self-centered as his playing days.

    I hope he someday takes the time to look back, and see himself, and his choices for what they really are.

  • will

    i was in college in the early 70`s and lots of the players got money , i remmember several guys saying they toke pay cuts from college to the pros that was in the late 50`s early 60`s before players made so much but this isnt news or new

  • http://yardbarker.com p-dog

    If Pete had been found guilty of causing the problems at USC I would agree with Marshall’s rant, however, four years later we’re talking only Reggie Bush, his family and one assistant coach who “might possibly” have known what was going on. Put the blame where the investigative report points, with the athlete, his family, and criminally enterprising agent wanna be’s, not the coach. I for one hope the appeal works out for USC and the punishment is either reduced or rescinded.

  • david

    Pay these kids! Without these kids these programs do not exist and the school looses. Millions of dollars are collected off these kids yet they can’t work basically can not do anything to make money. Excuse me, they should be given and allotment so they can go to the movies take there girlfriend out on a date. If this can’t be done drop the football program and see what the cost of and education will be at these schools and please do not give me the value of a free education these kids are not recruited to be given and education they are brought in only for the program and the dollars they can generate for these programs. Get off the pipe and face the reality of big time college football and get these kids some change to put in there pockets.

  • Steve-o

    only 1% of college athletes make it to the pro level, don’t make up statistics to support your close minded point of view

  • Mr. Jeff

    People get a life! If you go to work you get paid this is a job playing football, and then on top of that you have to go to school. I understand it now you are jealous of these players. You have to go to your dead end job just to kissed your BOSS a$$ for money and these players are doing what most of us dream and hope we could had be in the position to do. People get over you self, it’s not your money Marshall Faulk earn his way to speak his mind have you. If anybody played 1 season in college or the pros then you can say what these players should and should not have. People remember walk a mile in someone shoes before you open your ignorant mouths.

  • nick

    I think either way you look at it, you can go on and on about this but nothing will change unless the rules change. If they penalize a school they should also hold the player accountable as well, suspend them from the NFL for a few seasons without pay, or allow it to be ok for students to receive benefits.

    There’s no point holding the school accountable as once the player has already moved on and its the innocent people are the ones who are affected. The schools can’t watch every move, every bank account who there family talk to and shake hands. Hold everyone accountable that is involved or no one at all, stupid to let some get off and others suffer.

  • Bama

    Well if collage football players get paid the you could not afford to go to the games.

  • http://msn Larry

    These college institutions, and their representatives and fans, are lying about their concern for the education of student athletes. in reality they only want to exploit their talents. If we all really cared to be fair, we would push this good ole boy network, called college sports, into creating a trust fund, from their profits, and tie the athelete’s receipt of which, to them completeing a degree. This way, not only the stars of the team, which someone referred to as hood thugs, benefit, but so will the bench players, who work just as hard with practices and travel. These young people will then be able to start their post college careers with some start money, and will have realized, to some extent, the fruits of their college labors. Be fair America, God loves justice.

  • Lyndon

    I left a high profile school early to enter into a career. No one gave a damn.

    Not to take the money is foolish. I am not concerned with you your moral standard for college sports.

    The agent took care of Bush’s family whom had no obligation to NCAA rules.

    They all get paid. It is morally corrupt to support the NCAA by purchasing tickets merchandis etc. and think theses kids who have minimal educations, directions, and opportunities should behave at level you can only require of others (Hypocracy).

    MEMO: It is all about the $$$ that is why people go to college.

  • Groove


    everyone talks about morally corrupt and the players taking the money. I have not heard one da*n comment about the persons giving the money to the players. You guys are pathetic!




    I would like to see the PLAYERS get a base salary first year and future increases every year on the year until they graduate. They really should be paid to perform. That would give them motivation to stay, educate them about right and wrongs in life and play a TEAM sport together. If they want to be an individual and leave after the first year good luck with that and let the ones who want an education and love the sport, not just the money, stay and help make the world a lot better place to be. Money will always take control of your judgements and morals if you let it. God only blessed a few with athletic talent, the rest, he gave common sense to use on a daily base.

  • shark

    they are getting a top notch free education that thousands of other kids would love to have thats there reward for ther athletic skill when they graduate thats when they get a job and get paid

  • kompleatkaos

    Greedy PLAYERS? Selfish ATHLETES? All about the MONEY?

    Maybe it is “about the money”…but isn’t that GOING TO COLLEGE… period…about the greater ‘avenue to revenue’ ? Was for me. Was for everyone I attended with.

  • RedMan, CA

    It must be so tough for guys like “Wilk” and “tom” to watch guys they envy/resent doing things they could never do.

    You losers need to face the facts that you’re a waste of space and oxygen.
    And guys you hate are doing things you only dream of with girls you lust after.

    Enjoy sitting on your easy chair with your flat arse and beer bellies on Saturday’s watching the ghetto boys shine on…

  • Mark

    Let’s not crucify a great player for being honest. He is right they are kids. The coach’s are the ones who should be fined even if they go to the pro’s. Pete Carroll is a dirt bag, he always acted like one and has been one. The kids at the school shouln’t suffer. They should be allowed to go to bowl games just no BCS and they should show accountability for the money not scholarships and none to the program. Hit them where it hurts for a few years.