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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Late Money on Oregon Makes Ducks Even, or Favorite Over Auburn

One of the fun games before the actual game is tracking the movement of the point spread. The line for the Oregon-Auburn BCS National Championship Game opened at Auburn favored by 1.5 points, according to the Las Vegas Sports Consultants. Most sports books actually listed Auburn as the favorite by 2.5 or three points. But much like super bowl betting where tons of people want action on the game, the line began fluctuating like crazy the day of the game. In fact, the line went in one direction — in Oregon’s favor.

So much money came in on the Ducks the day of the game that the point spread closed at a pick em, and in a few cases, Oregon as a one-point favorite. In case you’re not too familiar with the way sports betting works, it would take an overwhelming amount of money — multiple, multiple thousands of dollars — to move a line 3-4 points as it did Monday. That means either enough “wise guys” knew something and bet big on Oregon, or the public for some reason absolutely loves the Ducks. Either way, tons of dough came in on Oregon the day of the Championship Game meaning many people will be disappointed after they lose.

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