Penn State honors 2012 team at Beaver Stadium (Picture)

Penn State decided to honor the 2012 football team alongside many of the other best squads in the program’s history with some special recognition inside Beaver Stadium.

Prior to Saturday’s season finale against Wisconsin, “2012” was unveiled as the latest edition to the strip below the luxury boxes at Beaver Stadium. Only teams that have gone undefeated or won national or conference championships get a spot on the facade, but an exception was made for the 2012 team.

Penn State was punished by the NCAA prior to the season for its role in the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and all the players in the program had the option to transfer schools. Many of them stayed and, despite starting the season 0-2, they battled to finish 8-4.

“There have been some great teams in this program’s history — the 1982 and 1986 National Championship teams, the 1994 undefeated team — on the field,” coach Bill O’Brien said. “But no team has gone through more than this team. That’s why this senior class will go down as one of the greatest in Penn State history.”

Photo via Penn State/Twitter
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  • JamesT32

    Nice gesture with the “2012” on the facade, but that is temporary isn’t it?  Sorry Penn St. fans, but I’m all about accuracy and getting things right and if those years are to represent national and conference champions along with undefeated teams then this year’s squad doesn’t belong, period.  Great job on 8-4 as that’s more than respectable for them under the circumstances (very weak Big 10 this season helped a great deal, but timing is often everything in life), but facts are facts.  Don’t get too happy, however, as the full impact of the NCAA sanctions will likely not be apparent until 2014 and from that point through the end of the decade you will struggle mightily to field .500 teams, regardless of who’s running the show as I don’t believe O’Brien is going to martyr himself and stay there at least five or six years as some naively do.  On the positive side, many have forwarded the notion that the shameful Sandusky scandal has ruined Penn St. football for at least the next generation, but that’s nothing more than gross exaggeration embraced by folks who’d prefer to believe as much since they now hate everything about the words Penn State.  What ultimate legacy the scandal taints the university itself with over the long term is not a subject that interests me and is something I’ll leave for others to ponder.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BOVWWB6UNUYZFD6AWKKR6DVZME fullmetaljacketstyle

    you’re a retard.  PSU is about awesome academic programs…national leader in aerospace engineering, then sports.  unfortunately, no other program other than Standford can mimic PSUs history…graduation rate of student athletes, an awesome D-1 football program, consecutive national volleyball champs four years in a row.

  • JamesT32

    Retard, huh?  lol  Whatever you little punk-ass nobody, I’d be the guy who knocked you unconscious where you stood if you said that to my face.  I stand by my comments and you can drop stone dead if you had even the least problem with them.