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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rick Neuheisel Goes After Pete Carroll

On the same day that Tim Floyd did the inevitable and resigned as the school’s basketball coach, there was something else brewing between the football coaches of UCLA and USC. While trying to rally up the boosters at a speech in Westlake, Rick Neuheisel shared a story that frames Pete Carroll as a jerk. It seems quite petty and harmless to me, but the way Slick Rick operates, you would have thought that Carroll defamed the Bruin Bear located in the middle of campus. Check out Neuheisel working the room and pumping up the troops:

This guy should be a politician or spokesman rather than a football coach if you want to talk about true talents. Turns out this was much ado about nothing because rules apparently already state kids under 18 can be on the sidelines as long as they’re performing a game-day related task. Either Rick’s going all Lane Kiffin here not understanding the rule book, or Carroll really was just being a jerk. Funny the way coaches get themselves into trouble when they address boosters. I wonder why that would be the case. Anyway, you ask my opinion, this seems like Neuheisel just fabricating something to fire up the troops, nothing more than that.

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