Rick Neuheisel Really Wants You to Buy Season Tickets

One of my buddies who’s currently a student at UCLA’s law school passed on a message to me Wednesday. He got straight to the point, wasting no time:

i just got the most obnoxious phone call
rick ****ing neuheisel
on a broadcast message …
talking about how great UCLA is for sports and academics
and how great the program is going to be

At first he found the message humorous, but after about a minute of the blathering he got annoyed and hung up since he’s a Cal fan. And sure enough, sitting at home today, the phone rang and went to the answering machine. Who was it you ask? None other than Neuheisel with a recorded message expressing optimism about the football program, urging me to get season tickets. FanHouse’s Brian Grummell picked up on this story yesterday, and passed on a link to Bruin Report Online where other UCLA people said they’ve received the call. Considering the fact that many of you have no connection to the UCLA family, here it is for your listening enjoyment. Though I can’t stand recorded spam messages, I like the energy and enthusiasm the football program is now trying to generate. This is just the type of spark we need to revitalize interest in what’s been a dead program.

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  • JS

    So when USC comes to play with the winner going to the Rose Bowl Game or beyond, do you want ducats in your hands or do you want to be haggling with scalpers in Area H?

  • Bomberboy

    I am in SEATTLE and several in this area (including at least one Husky beat wirter!) have received the same call. DOn’t get me wrong, I respect UCLA in general, basketball in particular.But seeling UCLA tickets is probably difficult this far from LA. Trying to sell them in this area using The SLick one, well, you get it. PAC-10 football is just the best. Even though I am stuck with this terrible team, I just love all this. Just watch, reporters will be slobbering all over this guy….oops, they already are.

  • Gene

    I was pleased by the phone call. You all act like Rick thought this up by himself. The athletic department came up with the idea and they are using a personable, enthusiastic coach to promote the program and ticket sales. As a matter of fact, most of Neuheisel’s remarks are things that UCLA alums having been telling each other for years. If you listen to the whole pitch, it is Chris Roberts selling the tickets, not our new coach. besides, if Rick could talk DeWayne Walker into staying, his enthusiasm should be contagious where fans are concerned.

    We got exactly zero phone calls of this type during the Dorrell years, and similar performance on the field. Everyone else remembers 13-9. I remember the 66 USC hung on us the year before.

    This is not basketball, where one or two recruits can turn a program around in one season, so be patient for a couple of years and we should all see some stunning results.