Video: LSU Loses Touchdown on Punter Brad Wing’s Showboat Move

LSU became the first team this year to lose a touchdown to the new celebration rule in college football. Running a fake punt against Florida towards the end of the first quarter, punter Brad Wing had a clear path to the end zone. Shortly before reaching the promised land, he held out his hands in a showboating move. It only lasted for a second, but it was enough to result in a penalty flag. Here is the play in question:

LSU settled for a field goal but continued to hammer Florida, so it likely won’t matter. The referees enforced the rule properly, so you can’t complain about them making a bad call. What you can do is argue that the rule should not be in place. That is a fair discussion. It may suck to lose a touchdown to a little showboating, but I have no problem with it. I’ve always been a big believer in sportsmanship and long felt that when you score a touchdown, you act like you’ve been there before and that you’re going to be there again.

Although in Wing’s case, you can’t really say he was ever going to score another touchdown, right?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/KimBrownJr Kim Brown

    you can be against showboating all you want but never take points off the board for something that has nothing to do with the play itself. Its not false start, holding, clipping or any type of play that could make a difference on the play if it was not done. The rule is total BS and should just go back to the 15 yards enforced on the kickoff and points still count. 

  • Gene

    I totally disagree with you.  While this was a very mild case and was debatably marginal, anyone who shows up the opponents or officials should be flagged.   There is no place for that in football or any other  sport.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KimBrownJr Kim Brown

    I didn’t say he shouldn’t be flagged but I don’t think they should ever take points off the board for a celebration/taunting. It needs to be enforced on the kickoff.

  • Gene

    If the taunting takes place before the score, points should never be put on the board in the first palce.  He committed the questionable act at the five yard line.  That is similar to a guy spiking the ball a yard short of the end zone by mistake.  It is not a TD, unless a teammate recovers it in the end zone.  If it goes out of bounds or through the end zone, or if the other team recovers it is a touchback.