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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Video: Tim Tebow Hit by Kentucky’s Taylor Wyndham, Suffers Concussion

With all the praise and accolades Tim Tebow receives, I have a hard time being a fan of him. But after seeing him get crushed in the 3rd quarter of Florida’s game against Kentucky on Saturday, I really felt badly for him. Honestly, Tebow looked like a cockroach after it’s been squashed by someone’s foot — he was laying flat and kind of twitching. And this is one of the toughest college quarterbacks around. Anyway, check out the video of the hit that has all of Gainesville holding its collective breath:

Man, and that wasn’t even from the blindside either! He really must have been locked in to not have seen that. Whoever missed that assignment’s going to get an earful after the game, you can believe that. Up until that point, Tebow had three TDs, one in the air and two on the ground. He carries the ball 17 times, gets lit up by Eric Berry, and this is what takes him out? OK, I guess it would take anyone out.

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