Diamondbacks Fan Wrestles Ball Away from Woman (Video)

Last week we shared a video of a woman taking a ball away from a young child at a Twins-Royals game. That left us speechless. This video? Well this one just leaves us shaking our ahead and laughing in disgust. Check out this video of a Diamondbacks fan wrestling a ball away from a woman behind the dugout courtesy of Sharapova’s Thigh:

Between that video and this poster, I had no idea Diamondbacks fans were so hardcore. That guy better be two steps away from Warren in Something About Mary, otherwise he has very little reason to excuse his behavior. Who says the gentleman spirit isn’t alive in 2011?

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  • http://twitter.com/SittonRead Charles Sitton

    Haha that’s exactly what I’d do. There is not chivalry in sports.

    I think this is worse than the idea that dropped his kid to catch a ball and missed. 

  • Anonymous

    Clearly the guy has a mental disorder. Come on Mr. Brown, aren’t journalist supposed to be, ya know, observational?

  • Mark Kittell

    Maybe it would have been simple justice if a little girl had taken the ball, in regards to that woman who stole a ball from a seven-year-old recently. Still, I’m tired of the Blondies getting the special treatment; she already had her hands full with food or something.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOUVIQMPRSUFZFNBVTOH7R2CVQ gregg

    = rights for all, woman and man in bsaball

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOUVIQMPRSUFZFNBVTOH7R2CVQ gregg

    = rights for all, woman and man in bsaball

  • http://www.facebook.com/KINGOFPHENOMENAL Lee Allan

    The guy clearly suffers from psychological ailment.  Notice the guys expressions and the guy who talked to the woman sitting next to him.  She was not even mad and yet the announcers attacked an obvious person with mental retardation.  Shame on all the journalists in that one.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    How clear is it? And why didn’t anyone apologize for his behavior if that’s the case or try to stop him?

  • Anonymous

    u can just look at the kid( not an adult)and see he has special needs, if u want to blame some one, why not blame Lebron James.

  • Anonymous

    The guys parent/guardian did apologize 0:26. Then you see her mouth “Oh” and you can tell she is not mad. She was even given another ball from the team.

    I guess you haven’t had much experience around touched individuals if his disability is not clear to you.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TJVCAJ2NYEFF5RR3I2JYRSEQO4 Jesse

    so because there might be something wrong with him that gives him the right to over power a women? his gaurdians should have stopped him in the process. just because he might be “Special” doesnt mean he cant learn right from wrong. so if he hits a women its okay because hes special.

  • Anonymous

    Give the young man a break.  I would also guess special needs, and if so, his maturity, emotional & mental capacity probably much younger than appearance.  Picture 8 yr old kid! 

    I have more shame for the baseball announcers, who are supposed to be the eyes & voice of the game, that continued to flap their lips chastising the young man, and for the writer of this article, for failing to see the obvious.

    Yardbarker.com – Drop this article immediately as you’re making the same mistake!!!

  • barbaraebj

    The kid with the apparent disabilities wasn’t the one who wrestled the ball away from the lady. It was the non-disabled man sitting next to him. And, he just couldn’t leave that woman alone after the fact… continuing to address her until the kid finally gave her the ball his Dad stole from her… he dropped it on the floor for her to scoop up, though (or Dad did) rather than handing it to her directly. smh! Low class act. And, come to think of it, the non-disabled man may not have been so non-disabled at all if we consider the disabilities that make him think it is anything but poor sportsmanship to fight with someone else over a ball the other person already has. People who try to make excuses for rudeness are worse than the rude people they defend, because they think there are good enough reasons to be rude and ignorant.