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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Down Goes OJ, Down Goes OJ!

It didn’t take me writing this for you to know that the Juice was a disgusting crook, but I’m still going to mention it because it’s an extra detail. This guy is sick. Very sick. Remember a while back when he was about to release a book and appear in a TV show titled, “If I Did it?” Yeah, he was going to rub it in the faces of his single-parent children and explain to the world how he would’ve killed his wife if he had done it. Well now it looks like he was hiding the profits of that book to keep them from going to the Goldman family.

Former American football star O.J. SIMPSON has been found guilty of hiding profits from his controversial book IF I DID IT in a shell company.
Judge Jay Cristol ruled on Friday (15Jun07) that bankrupt business Lorraine Brooke Associates, run by Simpson’s daughter Arnelle, was used to conceal profits from the family of Ron Goldman, which is trying to collect a wrongful death civil judgment of $33.5 million (£16.75 million) from the star.

Like father like daughter, I guess. I was wondering who would actually contribute to such a business venture, but now I know. This is a good sign my friends, good sign. And hot damn, he owes the family $33.5 million? That’s a lot. If I had known where the proceeds were going, maybe I would’ve made a donation.

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