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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Guy on Cell Phone at Yankee Game Tries to Save Face

By now you’ve probably seen the classic video of a guy getting hit by a ball in the face at a Yankees game because he was talking on his phone. The video went viral and made its way around the internet almost instantly, likely because there’s so much animosity towards people who yak on their cell phones while at the game. It’s distracting, rude, and defeats the purpose of going out to the ballpark to enjoy yourself. Anyway, an SI Hot Clicks reader actually owns those tickets and sold them to the guy who was hit. The aforementioned cell phone man emailed the person from whom he bought the tickets to explain his side of what happened. Bottom line? He has no excuse, but he tries to make one:

The sad part is, and you would appreciate this since they are your seats, that I saw the ball coming, and just about the time it hit the ground was when I knew it was gonna hop the wall. I started to raise my right hand because I knew it was hopping the wall. I should’ve had my hand over a little further, but didn’t gauge the slice on the ball properly. Once it hit the ground, you can’t see it, just know it is coming. I tried to move my hand to grab it once it came back into view. No luck. The worst part is that I didn’t even have anyone on the freakin’ phone. I had dropped my call and was dialing back from between innings. I never make calls during all the hockey and baseball games I go to. Problem was that [Rob] Johnson hit the first freakin’ pitch of the inning. I heard it, picked it up and didn’t have a chance.

When dude tries to use the ball’s slice as an excuse you really know he’s stretching. I’m surprised he didn’t try and throw the “I lost it in the sun” line out there. Lame. Let this be a reminder that you should always be paying attention at the ballgame and not talking on the cell phone. Here’s a video of the incident in case you missed it:

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Video Credit: YouTube user TEXAS700

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