Brian Wilson’s ESPYs Outfit Was Nuts

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson craves attention, and if he keeps wearing outfits like this he’s going to get it. Check out this picture of Brian Wilson’s ESPYs outfit:

Yes, this fool wore a spandex tuxedo and carried a cane. He looked straight up like a combination of Mr. Peanut and the cartoon version of Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit. Here’s another look at his outfit:

This is the same guy who wore this ridiculous outfit for an interview and had these crazy cleats at the All-Star Game, so should we really be surprised? Of course not. I just think a fashion competition between him and tennis’ Lady Gaga is in order.

Picture credit: ESPYs, Sportress of Blogitude

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  • Susan Bellwood

    What was this guy thinking?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMOILZ54FUMXJFV37OBEULYXHI Shade

    Dude, it’s a joke, lighten up. Maybe if you weren’t as old as you are you’d get that sports shouldn’t be taken so seriously.