Darnell Dockett hits on AJ McCarron’s girlfriend over Twitter, tweets his phone number

darnell dockett katherine webb

Darnell Dockett was among the millions of viewers infatuated with A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend during the BCS National Championship Game on Monday. The Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman even attempted to hit on Katherine Webb via Twitter, inviting her to go to Wing Stop and King of Diamonds:

Dockett then claimed he accidentally tweeted his phone number in what he intended to be a direct message to her:


Many people figured Dockett was just cracking a joke — and if so, it was pretty funny. Either way, Dockett wasn’t the only athlete who enjoyed Webb’s presence on the ESPN telecast. Several other athletes made comments about her.

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray:

Oakland A’s pitcher Brett Anderson:

Miami Marlins’ Logan Morrison:

And of course there was announcer Brent Musburger drooling over Webb during the telecast. Webb was easily the highlight of the game.

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  • bnchy

    A lot of class Dockett, you idiot

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Riley/522311573 Andrew Riley

    Stupid it’s a joke? Why head straight to the class blast?

  • leetcb

    wow, even called the number and it is him.

  • bnchy

    Maybe because it WAS a stupid classless move by that moron. I’m sure you would consider it a “joke” for other people to hit on your girlfriend or wife.

  • bnchy

    Did you hit on him?

  • woofa

    A joke? No, that’s what you are. Wonder how many Webb pretenders have hit his number with extensive numbers of SMS messages since he tweeted it.

  • http://twitter.com/ProtectionMan Ronald Fogg Sr.

    Only BAMAS like him would do this!!!!!

  • byron stroop

    Dockett has been a horse’s ass since FSU.  At the bottom of the pile-up he twists opposing player’s feet until the foot falls off.  For him to think such a beautiful and smart girl like Webb would even look twice in his direction shows just how stupid he is.  What an arrogant imbecile.

  • truethat2

    Docket has no class what so ever! He no only disrespects another mans girlfriend on a national platform, then he turns around and says he prefers “hood bitch’s” anyway.  Looks like he stuck his foot in his mouth with all the ladies in North America! Would any self respecting woman ever consider a real relationship with this piece of  “no class” trash? This guys a clown…..

  • truethat2

    If it was a joke he never would have posted his real phone number. This clown is a piece of trash…..