Shovel girl identifies herself as Miranda Lynn and she’s a weed smoking, tattoo getting machine

Miranda Lynn shovel girl

Welp, that didn’t take long. The girl affectionately known on the internet as “shovel girl” has identified herself, and she’s a pink-haired, weed-smoking, tattoo-getting freak, as you could imagine, and she runs a couple of pretty hilarious social media accounts.

Here’s how she describes herself on her “about” section on Twitter:

“Hi im miranda i smoke weed for a living 3 im getting inked up and i love everyone who can respect me.”

Dude, Miranda is definitely a keeper. She’s the girl you bring home to mom, that’s for sure.

Well Miranda Lynn tweeted at World Star Hip Hop to proudly let them know that she and not anyone else, is the woman from the shovel video.

She also wants us all to know that she is OK!

And just in case you didn’t get that the first time, there’s this:

Apparently going viral for getting skull-thumped by a shovel was enough to send Miranda back to her Twitter account, which had previously been dormant for a few months. There were definitely some gems on there before that. Of course, most of these contain R-rated material, so be warned, but enjoy (head to Page 2 to see all of the awesomeness).

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  • limdog

    Shovel girl lol

  • Terry Hickman

    stop making stupid people famous

  • FlutterFox77 .

    Someone needs to hit her again lolz Don’t let her reproduce!

  • Tbtld

    Hope the shovel is ok

  • Jesi Utter

    So people who openly discuss how trashy and useless they are get famous. Then once they get famous, they just enjoy it even more and feel the need to tell everyone just how stupid they are and how they did nothing to gain fame. Yea, give it up to the dumb little skank that “smokes weed for a living”. This is why marijuana shouldn’t be recreationally legalized…

  • Williams

    I live in the same area as this girl. The Fugates are a huge criminal family in the Dayton area and they have caused trouble for as long as I remember. Going to jail is just shrugged off as a part of life for them. I think they moved here from some poor coal-mining town in Kentucky decades ago.
    That girl doesn’t have a chance with that family. She already has tattoos?! What kind of parent would allow that?!
    It won’t be long before she’s pregnant and the rest of us pay to support them. I’m sure she’ll find supplemental income from illegal activities, but welfare will be her base income.