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Monday, May 21, 2018

Tim Tebow Gives a Quick Pep Talk on the Biggest Loser (Video)

Can you think of a better motivator for NBC’s The Biggest Loser than the one and only Tim Tebow?  If you are trying to win a competition that involves losing a ton of weight, two great people to turn to would be Tebow and Jesus.  Considering there are plenty of people who consider the two to be one in the same, it makes sense to bring the Broncos quarterback in to try to fire up the contestants.  Denver fans love him so much they bought a few billboards in his honor, so Timmy must have something good to say to overweight competitors.  Check out this clip of Tebow on Tuesday night’s edition of The Biggest Loser, as shared with us by Busted Coverage:

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard.”  If this doesn’t make you want to run out and lose 100 pounds nothing will.  This is a guy who took his rookie hazing in stride despite hailing from a higher power.  He’s a guy who had fans camping out for an event that would be a simple book signing for the ordinary person.  There are now three things in life that are certain: Death, taxes, and being inspired by Tim Tebow.

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