Antonio Cromartie wonders why Jets were interested in Tim Tebow

Antonio Cromartie will be in an awkward situation the first time he has to meet his new teammate Tim Tebow. A day after saying on Twitter that the Jets didn’t need Tebow, his team pulled off a trade for the ex-Broncos quarterback. Cromartie remained steadfast in his belief that the Jets don’t need Tebow. About an hour and a half prior to the trade being made, he tweeted:

Cromartie also said in an earlier message “I have faith in the guys that we have in the locker room right now that I will get it done this year.” Here’s the thing: If the Jets were trading for a player in whom Cromartie believed, he wouldn’t be critical. It’s obvious he thinks very little of Tebow as a quarterback. Sadly, Tebow can point to Week 11 last season because he has scoreboard on the Jets.

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    Does anyone really care about what a guy who cannot read thinks? Who writes AO’s tweets anyway…???