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Monday, May 28, 2018

Belichick Disrespects NFL?

As Bill Belichick approached the podium preparing to field questions from the media following the Patriots win over the Chargers on Sunday, he made an action that can be taken in no other way than disrespectful.  Belichick turned the NFL Network microphone (which was already set up at the podium prior to his arrival) upside-down.  Belichick fielded questions for around a minute before someone from the audience reached up to adjust the microphone back to the upright position.  You can see for yourself in the photos below.

Why Belichick did this we’re not quite sure.  Without a doubt, it was an intentional act of disrespect because he had his choice of microphones that were already set up, and the only one he turned upside-down was the NFL Network’s mic.  Was the disrespect aimed at the NFL or the NFL Network?

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