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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Brandon Lloyd Question How Effective Tim Tebow Can be Over Long Term

Brandon Lloyd was a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Broncos last season. He put up most of his big stats with quarterback Kyle Orton throwing to him, but he also did well in the three games Tim Tebow started. Lloyd was traded to the Rams prior to the deadline, and he had six catches for 74 yards against the Cowboys Sunday. While being interviewed as a guest on ESPN 101’s The Fast Lane in St. Louis Wednesday, he was asked about Tim Tebow’s chances for success in the NFL. Lloyd didn’t give Tebow the most glowing review.

“I don’t know. I think only time will tell with that style of play,” Lloyd told the hosts. “I think it is effective last Sunday, but I just don’t know how effective that style can be over the course of long games and playing formidable opponents.”

Lloyd was asked about Tebow’s throwing mechanics — Tim has a long windup before throwing — and Lloyd indicated that the slow delivery is a problem.

“Timing is an issue. There’s just not that much separation that you get in the NFL,” Lloyd explained. “You get a yard on a guy, you’re wide open. You’re not that open for very long. Any delay in throwing the ball or not being in position to throw the ball when that separation happens, it just throws a monkey wrench in anything you’re trying to accomplish down the field.”

Lloyd played two training camps and three games with Tim Tebow, so his opinion is significant. What he’s saying doesn’t mean Tebow can’t become a successful quarterback, but like he said, only time well tell how he does. Of course, he’s not the first, and he won’t be the last person to question how successful Tim Tebow can be in the NFL.

Here’s audio of that portion of the interview:


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