Charles Woodson Punched Dave Thomas, Avoids Ejection, Will be Fined

Packers safety Charles Woodson took a swing at Saints tight end Dave Thomas in Thursday night’s season opener and somehow managed to avoid ejection. What’s even more stunning is that the event took place right in front of a referee. Woodson was penalized for the play but he should have been tossed. The Pro Bowl defensive back admits he lost his cool on the play. He should be happy he didn’t get thrown out the way other players who have thrown punches have been. The referee may have missed the play, but the NFL won’t. A fine is assuredly coming.

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  • NolaGurl_4life

    Lil Chuckie has always been a dirty player getting away with it. He’s a cheap shot con artist and one day soon he’s gonna get his lights turned off by another player. I wish it would have been one of our other players he sucker punched then we would have seen the correct results….&%#@*!!!!!