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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dan Reeves: Tim Tebow is ‘Closest Thing to Roger Staubach I’ve Seen’

Tim Tebow’s desire to be the best at what he does is no secret. Whether you believe he deserves to be the Broncos starting quarterback, and bought a billboard to prove it, we can all agree Tebow has a tremendous work ethic.  Whether the Broncos would be better off with Tebow starting instead of Kyle Orton is a seperate argument. This particular discussion is intended to examine whether or not Tebow should be compared to Roger Staubach.

You may know Staubach as the two-time Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame quarterback that was selected to six Pro Bowls during his tenure with the Cowboys in the 1970s.  Tebow, on the other hand, is a man many consider to be the second coming of Christ, who has been as low as third on the depth chart this season. That didn’t stop former Broncos coach Dan Reeves from drawing a strong comparison between the two.

According to The Denver Post, Reeves recently called Tebow “the closest thing to Roger (Staubach) I’ve seen in a quarterback.”  Reeves reportedly said that Staubach “didn’t want to get beaten by anyone” which is exactly the “type of winner” Tebow is.  Based on that logic, I guess it’s safe to say half the guys in the NFL can be compared to the Cowboys legend.

“When I watched that ESPN show last year about Tebow’s workouts, it was like seeing Roger,” Reeves explained. “Tebow’s throwing technique is criticized. Roger carried the ball low too, because he was a scrambler and had to wind up to throw. He was a great passer. I’ve seen Tebow make the passes.

“The most important plays for quarterbacks are third downs and close to the goal. The coverage has to protect itself against quarterbacks who can run. They know (Kyle) Orton is going to stand in the pocket. Nobody knew what John (Elway) was going to do. I’m not out there (at Broncos practices). I’m talking from a distance, but I know from experience that a guy like Tebow definitely makes a difference.”

Reeves has experience coaching Staubach, Elway, and Michael Vick, so he certainly knows a thing or two about quarterbacks who can make plays using their arm and legs.  That being said, he may be getting a little hung up on the style aspect of all of this.  Tebow is very young and has a great opportunity to make an impact at the NFL level, but throwing his name in the mix with legends like Staubach and Elway is premature — regardless of the context.  Heck, even Jesus would concur with that statement.

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