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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Darrelle Revis stands by calling Bill Belichick a jerk, adds Tom Brady to the list

As we’ve said before, Darrelle Revis is not afraid to speak his mind. He admitted there were locker room issues for the Jets before things unraveled for the team last season. He also grabbed plenty of attention when he called Bill Belichick a jerk during a word association game on ESPN in March. Asked to expound on the remark, Revis stood by his word choice.

“It’s just how I felt. That’s how I feel,” Revis said on Thursday. “I feel that people let him slide when he says his smart remarks (on) certain things. He says comments about us like he never coached here…. He did. That’s just how I felt. So they told me to sum it up. I gave one word. He can take it how he wants. He can say (whatever) he wants to say back.”

Revis was reminded that teammate Antonio Cromartie called Tom Brady an a**hole last year, and he pretty much agreed with the description.

“Sometimes he does (act like that) on the field,” Revis said of Brady. “That’s his personal opinion about him. If that’s how he acts on the field. That’s how he acts. He wants to throw a touchdown and point at our sideline. That’s disrespect, man. That’s not sportsmanship. Now do people say words on the field to each other? Yeah… that’s in between the lines. But then when it’s getting out of hand… Come on, man. Come on. Sportsmanship.”

The Jets and Pats are big-time rivals, so it’s not surprising to hear tension between key players on either side. And we all know despite having the pretty boy exterior, Brady is a fiery competitor. What Revis says is probably an accurate portrayal of Brady that is underplayed by the media.

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