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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Eric Mangini’s Most Stressful Time was When Rob Ryan Spoke to Media

Rob Ryan is becoming as notorious as his twin brother, Rex, for having a big mouth. During an interview last weekend, he said he would make a better coach than his brother. Sometimes he doesn’t back up his talk like when he said his Cowboys would beat the Eagles. Dallas got crushed by Philly on Sunday night. It’s predictions like that that had Eric Mangini uneasy anytime Ryan, his defensive coordinator with the Browns, spoke to the media.

“Rob said some things last year that just weren’t covered very heavily,” Mangini said Monday on ESPN Radio. “Friday for me was always the most stressful 15 minutes when he had his press conference because I didn’t know what he was going to say, and someone would inevitably call me and say, ‘Hey, Rob said this quarterback can’t do this.’ Rob was still Rob. It might have been toned down a little bit and not covered as heavily as it is now.”

Mangini is exactly right about the difference in media coverage. Rob Ryan isn’t too different now from how he was last year. But now that he’s coaching America’s team, the things he says receive more attention. That’s fair warning for any team that dares to hire him as a head coach. You may be getting a good coach, but you’ll also be getting one with a big mouth who will draw attention. If that’s what some team owners want, then Rob will be a perfect fit.

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