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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stevie Johnson Hangs Out With Fan Who Has Tattoo of Him (Picture)

On Sunday, Chan Gailey decided he was sick of Stevie Johnson’s antics.  When Johnson scored a touchdown against the Patriots and lifted up his jersey to reveal a “Happy New Year!” message on his undershirt, Gailey decided to bench him.  The stunt drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which is something Johnson has become familiar with this season.  His benching may have cost the Bills the game, as their offense was rolling against New England’s horrendous defense up to that point.

Buffalo may have grown tired of Johnson’s end zone celebrations and mental gaffes, but he still has fans out there who care. The picture above from Stevie’s Twitter account shows him with a Bills fan who has a tattoo of No. 13’s head on his biceps.  Check out this more detailed picture that Tweetscenter shared with us:

And the trend continues.  For whatever reason, getting a tattoo of your favorite athletes face somewhere on your body is the new version of wearing your favorite player’s jersey.  How long before this kid’s girlfriend gets sick of him flashing the “Why so serious?” at her during arguments.

For more tattoos, here’s a look at our tribute gallery:

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