Matt Birk Compares Patriots to Yankees, Patriots Fans Quiver

To everyone who is already talking about the inevitable rematch between the Patriots and Giants in this year’s Super Bowl: stop. Before next weekend is over, the No. 2 seeds from both the AFC and NFC might have something to say about that. The Niners already beat the Giants at home once this year. The Patriots put a beating for the ages on the Broncos Saturday night, but the Ravens are not the Broncos. Baltimore knows what type of task lies ahead in the AFC Championship game. In fact, Ravens center Matt Birk even praised the Patriots in a way that may make New England fans extremely uncomfortable.

“Yeah, I mean, they’re the Patriots,” Birk told reporters after the Ravens’ win over the Texans on Sunday, according to the Boston Herald. “They’re like the New York Yankees; great team, been great for a long, long time, and we’re going up there to play them. But the road to the ultimate goal for any team is very hard, very difficult, and you have to meet all the challenges.”

Take that, Patriots fans.  The Yankees are probably the last team on earth New England fans would want to be compared to, but Birk has a point.  Both teams have dominated the last decade in their respective sport.  The Patriots have faced questions about their horrendous defense and weak schedule all season long, yet somehow they are once again the Vegas favorites to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in a few weeks.

As cliche as it sounds, the games are played for a reason.  The media would love to see a rematch between New York and New England, but that is a long 120 total minutes of football away.  If you’re not a Yankees fan, you’re a fan of whoever they’re playing.  The same is true for the Patriots.  The Ravens beat New England two years ago in Foxboro with America on their side.  There’s no reason to be certain history won’t repeat itself on Sunday afternoon.

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  • Gene

    This is a different season and the Patriots seem to be getting better at the right time.  The defense played its best game of the year against the Broncos.  Nevertheless, the Ravens are very formidible, especially if their run game can control the ball and the clock.  49ers match up well with Giants, especially playing at home, and Jim Harbaugh  can flat out coach. 

    All that being said, any one of the four teams can fall on its face or win it all.  The last four teams are all there for a reason.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    If the Patriots are the Yankees, they’ve built their successful team without spending $200 million a year.